Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top 5 Cafes in Riyadh with best environment to Study

The new sci-tech inventions and the modern school of thought have altered the entire living style. People have adopted better ways of communication with the advancement of the latest discoveries. The internet surfing has made things so convenient that one can easily get information about anything by sitting at home. Similarly, with the changing scenario, the culture of studying in libraries has declined in the past few years. One major reason behind this is the establishment of the café and coffee houses culture.  The young generation does not like the silent environment at the library which makes learning a boring process whereas soft music and access to wifi (internet) helps to boost concentration and motivation. According to the latest research, despite of locking up oneself in a quiet room in order to think of a solution, getting into a noisy environment, leaving your comfort zone, helps trigger the brain to produce creative and abstract ideas. The cafes are best resorts for students who are living alone as they require food as well. Students can easily carry their laptops along with their books and the internet surfing is free of cost. Here is a list of cafes where you can sit easily and study as long as you want.

  1. Kitchenation: This café is situated at the most busiest street of Riyadh, known as Tahliya. The environment of the café is very peaceful with a pretty vibrant theme. You can simply occupy any of the corners and indulge yourself into studying. You can order food that has really good quality and you can use wifi. Map Location
  2. Waynes: This café is very famous for its clean design and serene atmosphere. Many students find this place very effective to study for exams. They find the environment very pleasant with best wifi and internet surfing services. Another thing that makes this place special is the good quality of coffee and beverages served at this café. Many students just opt for this café so that they can have coffee which will keep them active for the next studying hours. Map Location
  3. Dr Cafe Meeting Rooms (King Abdullah and Khurais): Dr. Café is another well known chain that provides excellent comfort zone to students who are looking for venues that are good for group studies. Several meeting rooms are designed in this café where students can sit with the other studying group members in a separate meeting room. This café is located at two places: one in khurais and one at king Abdullah in Riyadh. Map Location
  4. Caribou: Caribou has a rustic design with beautiful leather couches. The environment of this café is very comfortable and cozy .Many students sit in the serene ambiance of this café to distress themselves and to boost their learning abilities. Map Location
  5. New cafe Bateel: This is located at the prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz road; it offers a pleasant outdoor seating arrangement with a delicious food menu. Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241 Map Location

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