Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Top reasons why UK visa of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia get rejected

Rejection of visit visas when applied for United Kingdom is very common for Saudis these days. Many people would love to visit the country as a tourist or in search of job or to visit their loved ones but usually whenever expatriates living in Saudi Arabia apply, the Visa is almost always rejected. Upon research, this seems to be pure strategy. Faults and errors in visa application is not the reason always. It is seen that there is some unofficial policy in the U.K to reject as many Visas as possible. It’s a strategy to make money out of the Visa applications. It is said that they deliberately make their Visa policy as unclear as possible so that they could easily reject the application by finding any error, lack of documents or any reason to reject the application.

The reason behind this policy is that it helps them mint money through these applications. Besides an outrageous hike in the Visa application fee in past few years, this is another strategy for them to make as much cash as possible from expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.  Some U.K official said that there is no benefit in appealing instead one should simply use their credit card and re-apply for the Visa. As appealing would only waste time and money of both the applicant and the visa decision makers. Even after re-application and correction of the former errors, the officers would find some new reason on the bases of which they reject the application. The end result is always rejection no matter what you do.

The key to rejection is that the Visa application form is very unclear with questions that can have multiple meanings so that there is always a chance of misunderstanding and incorrect answer to the question and a base for Visa rejection. For example the form asks about the total cost of planned trip in GBP (£). This particular question is open ended. Either they mean to ask about the cost of trip, or how much the person is paying for trip, or how much the person is paid for the trip by someone else.

Forms should not be difficult that you need a lawyer to explain the requirements to you but if U.K makes it in simple plain English, they will have a tough time in rejecting the applications.  They also reject on the bases of insufficient documents, despite of you submitting all of them because they simply choose to ignore few to save their time in checking those forms in bulk quantities.

Also they hire untrained Entry Clearance Officers so that it’s easier for them to reject. They can even reject the Visa if you have a British officer to give your guarantee.  They do not support involvement of agents while applying for Visas because the agents will somehow manage to get you one! In short they have different tricks and ways to reject visas and they appreciate a person re-applying for it instead of appealing or filing a complaint because they would love to make money and they don’t trust expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Dawn News

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