Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why do Jeans Pockets have Tiny Buttons on them?

All of you, no matter to which age group you may belong; you must have seen or worn jeans in your life. So, this is not something too difficult to understand as everyone on the planet earth must have seen jeans before. I know many people in my circle who owns at least one pair of jeans, in fact there is one favorite pair of jeans that we can find in our wardrobes. Now, cutting the long story short, I always have this question in my mind that why there are so many tiny buttons on the jeans pockets. I am sure this thing may have been troubling you as well. I always thought that these fancy small buttons are just for the purpose of sheer decoration or showoff until I was aware of the real purpose. Recommended: 16 Benefits of having Mini Pockets in your Jeans

They are so tiny in size and are placed at the corners of the pockets. These tiny buttons are actually called rivets. The main purpose of these rivets is to prevent the jeans from wearing out and it also helps to stop the ripping at the seam. The rivets around the pocket area are not just for looks but they have an important function to serve. People have been wearing jeans for so long now but in the early era, many workers complained that the jeans used to get damaged as the fabric use to fall apart very quickly. While bending down the pockets were to bear the stress but because of no pocket buttons the fabric used to fall apart. So Levi Strauss came up with the idea of putting copper rivets in the year 1829. It was Levi who patented the rivets on the jeans.

So like me, you must be surprised too because you never thought that these tiny buttons are so purposeful. This step was taken by Levi primarily to help the miners who use to wear jeans while working in mines. They couldn’t afford jeans frequently so as miners, they need a better version of jeans which was tough in fabric. Placing rivets at the corners of the pockets really helped in supporting the cloth making it intact and uneasy to be fallen apart.

Although these small and very tiny metal buttons appear very appealing but surprisingly they are there for an important purpose which I have just explained. The denim pants and trousers were used by people in past but when Levi added rivets on denim; the jeans culture was more famous. More and more people started wearing jeans, the better version of Denim. And everyone loves to wear jeans today.

The rivets are not even noticed by many people but they are placed on the corners of the jeans pockets to hold the fabric together because when you bent or move with your jeans on, you exert stress on the fabric causing less damage. So, now you have learnt well the purpose of these small metals buttons that are placed well on your jeans.

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