Tuesday, September 20, 2016

10 Awesome Gifts you can present to your mother on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries including Saudi Arabia. Many people oppose the concept of celebrating Mother’s Day as every day is a mother’s day for them. I am not going to talk about it as it is your personal choice. But frankly speaking, presenting a gift to your mother to feel her special on mother’s day is not a bad idea. We celebrate Mother’s Day on 21st March every year in Saudi Arabia. Today we are going to list down 10 Awesome Gifts you can present to your mother on Mother’s Day.  It will range from very expensive gifts to those which are practically free.

  1. Take her on a foreign trip: Maldives, Dubai or any other place you could think of. However make sure its somewhere with good scenery. You can choose to accompany her or send her preferred travel partner (dad). This is number 1 on our list because it really can break your bank, but anything for Mom, right?
  2. A day at the spa or Beauty Salon: She can choose what she wants done there (which is best) or you could pick out a package for her (which she might not like).
  3. Shiny jewellery can always be the answer when dealing with women. Plus it is a good investment too, and your mom will love you more (if that is even possible).
  4. Dinner at her favorite restaurant or a new fancy restaurant: Be it Sushi, Lebanese, Italian, Chinese or just Desserts. Take your mom there and just surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  5. If your mom does a lot charity work and do social work, you can help her by lending a hand if she needs it. You could also donate to her favorite or chosen charity or cause. It could truly make a difference to whatever charity, organization or cause that you choose. Plus your mom will receive the blessings for the deed.
  6. Print an enlarged version of an old photograph of your mom and have it framed. Your mom will absolutely love it and will treasure and remember it forever.
  7. Make mother’s day special for her as soon as she wakes up. Make her some French toast paired with a glass of juice, or whatever combination of breakfast items is to her choosing and liking and deliver it to her in bed. Breakfast in bed can really cheer someone up. You can also print out vouchers for her. After all she is your mama and you are supposed to help her with all the chores, with or without a voucher.
  8. If you are looking for a sentimental approach make her a video. In the video have all your siblings present, along with your immediate family and a few of your mother’s friends. Everybody should state one thing that they love about your mom. Perfect it with a soundtrack and show it to her when she wakes up. It is practically free and all you need will be a bit of effort.
  9. Let her win arguments for a week, or choose upon a number of baseless arguments you will let her win (whether she is winning or losing). Don’t be stingy; we all know our mamas can sometimes be dramas.
  10. Free hugs and kisses for the entire day. Why not make it an entire month, a year, forever. After all she did give birth to you and put you in this world. Now go hug and kiss your mama for putting up with you.

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