Tuesday, September 6, 2016

10 Mistakes to avoid when buying Gold Jewelry on weddings

Jewelry is the most important part of a wedding; it’s the jewelry that continues on as the reminder of the event. Wearing jewelry is an old tradition. So, it becomes necessary to make special planning and budget of exactly what you want and under a price range. Wedding seems to be incomplete without it and it is the sign of love towards the person you are going to marry. Following are the 10 basic blunders to avoid while buying jewelry.

  1. No Research: It should be kept in mind that it is a big investment and you need to run through the whole market in order not to get fooled by the sellers and also compare prices. If investment is your only goal, then go for the gold biscuits and coins. A complete research is the key before a purchase.
  2. Linking price with quality: Gold rates vary on daily basis. Sometimes it goes high. Some people make blunder by linking the price with quality. The cost of designing jewelry increases the price of gold and the high rates are due to the complexity of design and brand name too. Gold should be weighed if gemstones are attached to the piece.
  3. No Purity concern: The purity of gold is measured in karats. 24 karat means 99.99% pure but jewelry doesn’t come in 24 karat. 23 karat means 95.8% gold which is the purest when it comes to gold jewelry. 
  4. NOT CHECKING THE HALLMARKS SIGNS: The purity is confirmed by checking the hallmarks signs which include Bureau logo, karat (purity grade), the jeweler’s identification or logo, year of marking, the hallmarking center’s mark.
  5. Making final decision on first shop: Different shops have different rates, making cost, designs and return and exchange policy. So it is preferable to take a look on different shops just to have a clear idea and to get the best item at reasonable rates.
  6. Trading Old Jewelry into New:  Converting means melting the old gold to produce something new.  But it may result in losing money as the jeweler might give you lesser value per gram and you may lose few grams too.
  7. Forget to take the receipt:  You need to keep the retail receipt carefully which mentions making charges, the price of gold, the karatage, hallmark details, etc. It will keep you on safe side and help you in buying your item later.
  8. Cleaning Jewelry at home: Don’t try to copy internet hacks when it comes to cleaning jewelry. These precious gems need to be handled well and after a huge research. It is better to pay a professional cleaner for this job.
  9. Seeing the design only:  It is important to try the jewelry piece to make a final decision. No matter how elegant the design is, sometimes it doesn’t compliment the outfit and may not enhance your looks. Thinking twice before taking a call saves you from regret.
  10. Neglecting Metal Allergies: metals that are mixed with gold can be allergic for your skin. White gold sometimes doesn’t suit people. Make sure to check that the metal suits your skin.
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