Sunday, September 18, 2016

10 reasons you should stop watching porm immediately

  1. Porm is extremely addictive: Similar to cigarettes, drugs or alcohol, when porm is watched the brain if flooded with the feel good chemical known as dopamine. After consistently watching porm, a brain will become inundated and the brain will shut down dopamine receptors, which leads to more viewing of pormographic material.
  2. Porm can adversely affect your relationships: The higher the consumption of porm, the more they will associate pleasure with fictional fantasy or fabrication. After some time, it will be harder to be satisfied by a regular person in a relationship, which might cause people to become alienated from their partners.
  3. Porm can lead to psychological problems: As consuming or watching porm is a secretive business, it can make the people feel lonely, insecure and also shameful. This can also make people highly susceptible to psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, body image issues.
  4. Porm can destroy a person’s body image: As the performers in the pormographic materials often seem transformed thanks to Photoshop, editing, cosmetic surgery and make up, the consumers who are exposed to this regularly will have a fabricated depiction of the human body.
  5. Porm can ruin your $ex life: Despite the popular belief that viewing pormographic material with your partner will only improve your intimate life, it can be quite contrary to that. Exposure to pormographic material can lead to dissatisfaction of partners from their partner’s performance and looks.
  6. Porm may cause erectile dysfunction: Prior to the days of the internet porm, ED or Erectile Dysfunction in men under the age of 35 was nearly not heard of. Nowadays unrestricted access has people in their teens and twenties experiencing ED.
  7. Porm may cause an increase in $ex trafficking: Though there are several people who have entered the adult entertainment industry by their own will, several of the performers or content seen online is the result of human trafficking, and have been recruited by violence and threats. Porm has also normalized $exual exploitation.
  8. Porm results in promotion of violence against women: It has been discovered by a team of researchers that 88 percent of all the pormographic scenes found depict degradation, physical violence and verbal aggression. It has also been recorded that 94 percent of these 88 percent videos were found to have been carried out against the women.
  9. Porm may lead to violent behavior: Even the nonviolent porm may influence the behavior of the viewer by causing them to be more accepting of $exual aggression and abuse towards other. There are several studies which show that exposure to porm of any kind will result in aggressive behavior which includes fascinating violent acts.
  10. Porm is extremely dangerous for teens and children: Much thanks to the internet, now teens and children have been exposed to hardcore pormographic material at young ages. Several of the teens have been receiving $ex education only from porm which is depicting completely fabricated portrayals of the human $exuality.
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