Thursday, September 15, 2016

10 Useful Tips for those who are travelling for Hajj

Every Muslim should be aware of the five pillars of Islam and hajj is the fifth pillar amongst them. It is a religious obligation far’d on every Muslim who is stable financially and physically. Hajj is performed in the last Islamic month i.e Dhul Hijjah. More than 3 million Muslims perform Hajj every year. Hajj needs patience as it also consumes a lot of time. It is a very unique experience for a Muslim. Every Muslim wishes to do Hajj once in a life time. Hajj is a beautiful religious journey which contents your heart.  Muslims who complete their Hajj are called Haji. There are a few important things to be noted before going for Hajj. There is a list of few essential things that every Muslim should comprehend before the beginning of this beautiful spiritual journey.

  1. Make yourself fit: A Muslim who is going for Hajj must make him/her self-fit mentally and physically. Start doing exercise at home so it becomes easier to perform and enjoy Hajj obligations.
  2. Always keep important documents copy with you: Before going for Hajj, make sure you have each and every document required and their extra copies that you may needed during travelling. 
  3. Vaccination needs to be done: Saudi authorities have certain requirements about vaccinations. So, Muslims must make sure that they their obligatory vaccinations done before leaving for Hajj.
  4. Be patient: Make patience your best friend. Always keep in mind that Muslims come from different regions of the world to perform Hajj. Every Muslim has different nature so try to control you, be tolerant and patient.
  5. Pack essential stuff for a comfy stay in Mina: Every Muslim who is going for Hajj must know about stay in Mina, so pack all the essential stuff that you might need most when staying in Mina. 
  6. Keep your expectations low: As now Hajj is expensive, either you can go with public package or private. Don't have too many expectations about services you will get during Hajj.
  7. Toilet Facilities are finite: Try to stop unnecessary food consumption and also limit water intake. Balance both to avoid any difficulty for you. Every Muslim needs to keep in mind that toilet facilities are limited in Hajj terminal and during stay in Mina.
  8. Plan what you need to keep in hand carry: Hajj Terminal doesn’t have enough amount of facilities, so when u start packing, you must keep snacks, water bottles, abaya, Ihram or any other stuff that you may need during travelling.
  9. Pushing exercise during Hajj: The most annoying part of Hajj is observing pushing exercise which is a discomfort for no reason. So be patient and try to avoid any unpleasant talk.
  10. Make your Hajj notebook: Hajj is far’d once in life and this journey has its own spiritual, holy, devotional and never ending impact on your mind. Being a Hajji when you will be back, you will have many lessons and tips. You need to save it all in a notebook. Hajj Notebook is a beneficial resource for other Muslims who are planning to go soon.
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