Sunday, September 25, 2016

23 Job Professions are banned for Women in Saudi Arabia

There are currently 23 jobs which the women in Saudi Arabia have been prohibited from undertaking inside the Kingdom, in accordance to officials from the Ministry of Labor in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. In a report issued by the local media on Friday, The head of the Ministry of Labor’s inspection Department, Sultan Al Mutairi, has stated that the labor laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia permit the Saudi women from working only certain positions in certain fields which suit the nature of the Saudi women.

Even though some might argue that this is a constraint placed upon women, we must ask ourselves are we willing to believe that. Each and every one of the banned employment sectors and opportunities pose a serious health risk to not only the women but to the future of Saudi Arabia which these women will carry in their wombs and may also cause the unborn children to also become affected by the health hazard posed by these jobs. We must also understand that even after knowing the health hazards associated with these jobs, would the authorities in the Kingdom be justified in allowing the women to be employed in it?

The report issued by the local media quoted in it Al Mutairi and the list provided by him of the occupations which have been banned or prohibited for the Saudi women to undertake. The list includes the following occupations;

  1. Working with petroleum derivatives
  2. Working with sewage underground
  3. Excavation & Coal Industry
  4. Painting which may require standing on a high scaffolding.
  5. Construction
  6. Ovens melting iron
  7. Energy generation
  8. Oxygen welding
  9. Handling dynamite
  10. Blacksmiths
  11. Car workshops
  12. Work in a factory of fertilizer which has been derived from any sort of waste material such as animal waste or animal blood.
  13. Loading or Unloading of any sort of goods at any ports
  14. Melting glass and assembling or making any metal vehicles which contain anything above 10 percent lead in it.
  15. Manufacturing electric batteries
  16. Repairing or fixing electric batteries
  17. Dyeing industry & Rubber industry
  18. They may also not make mirrors with the use of mercury
  19. Any factories which may treat ash which contains lead
  20. Extraction of silver out of lead
  21. Manufacturing or lead dioxide
  22. Manufacturing of yellow lead dioxide
  23. Workshop Cleaner

Source: Arab News

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