Saturday, September 17, 2016

4 reasons you should not be picking up hitchhikers in Saudi Arabia

Almost every driver has faced a situation when somebody standing alongside the road asked for a ride. While considering picking up hitchhikers, keep in mind that you are not obligated to pick anyone from the road. Yes, it is a noble act to pick someone from the road and drop him on your way but it can cause a lot of trouble for you if you are living in Saudi Arabia. Today, I am going to explain with valid reasons, why you should not be picking up hitchhikers in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Heavy Fines for using private vehicles to transport passengers: Yes, I know you are just giving the person standing alongside the road a free of cost ride but not everyone will believe you. If a traffic police officer catches you doing this, he can approach you and fine you heavily. I could not get the details of penalties involved in this regard but I know that this fine cannot be paid online. Someone who drives a taxi illegally told me that there is a fine of SR 1,000 for the first violation, SR 2,000 for the second violation and SR 5,000 plus deportation if the crime is repeated for the third time. Hence, you can understand how risky it can be. Moreover, the fine cannot be paid online and you have to report to Traffic Police station to pay it.
  2. Hitchhiker may have criminal links: You are offering a free ride to someone as a gesture of goodwill and noble cause, but you don’t know about his background. Let’s say if he has a previous criminal link and a police officer catches him in your car, they are not going to spare you. They will keep you arrested until it is proven that you don’t have any link with him. Simply, it is not worth taking t risk.
  3. Hitchhiking may end up in being robbed: Sometimes, hitchhikers ask for a ride and when you stop your vehicle, they take their weapons out and ask you to hand over everything valuable thing you have with you. Sometimes they even kick you out from the vehicle and take your car away.
  4. Transportation of Illegal Material: Sometimes they just sit down in your vehicle to hiding something they have with them in your vehicle. Let’s say if they have drugs and police is chasing them, it is very easy to hide in under your seat. They can easily trace you with your registration number plate, later on, to take it out. However, if you are caught by police carrying something illegal in your vehicle, no one is going to believe that the material does not belong to you.
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