Sunday, September 11, 2016

5 situations where there is a huge difference between our actions and words

There have been several articles and pieces written about the vital importance of the improvisation of the image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and refraining or avoiding any negative practices. There are some in the Kingdom who need to work hand on their behavior and their mind set. Some of the members of the public seem to be adamant on engaging in various practices which starkly contradict the values which they themselves pretend to stand for. The main problem is that the vast amount of excuses that are used by each and every one of us to justify these actions can no longer be plausible or acceptable. There is a huge difference between what the people are saying and what they are doing.

  1. If you are looking for examples, we can firstly take the intense hostility towards women which is present in our own society, and it has been on the increase regardless of the fact that the dignity of a woman should always be protected and safeguarded. In some of the cases, the women are even beaten and abused in public. This is completely improper and negative.
  2. Secondly the way that certain people in the Kingdom treat the expatriate workers is totally unacceptable. Some of them deprive the expatriate workers under their employment of financial entitlements as well as basic rights. It is not stereotyping or generalizing, we all have read the many cases or articles of the expatriate workers who have been abused and also treated as a slave.
  3. Schools have been teaching our future generation to remove any harmful or dangerous thing from the road, as an act of charity. However one quick look will show you the several bumps, cracks and potholes which can be seen on the roads, which are equally if not more dangerous to the health and safety of motorists and all passengers in the cars which travel on these roads. Several companies which undertake these road projects do not follow the guidelines and safety requirements which leads to these bumps and potholes in the road in the future.
  4. All Muslims believe that cleanliness is next to godliness; however some of the areas in the Kingdom, which also contain mosques, remain unclean. One look at any rest room in the mall, hospital or airport and you will surely not want to go there again, is this cleanliness? People may argue that the rest rooms are meant to get dirty; unfortunately the same cannot be said about the public parks which suffer the same fate.
  5. Lastly, while the Almighty Allah has urged all to be moderate in their lifestyles and daily life, not to waste any food and to also not squander money, but what is it that most people do? They buy in excess which they cannot finish within the expiry period and hence throw it away. I think that the society should become truthful and uphold the value of respect, human rights and discipline.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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