Saturday, September 3, 2016

7 reasons why Saudis don’t want to marry European girls

As we all know about European beauty. Europe has beauty and greatness in all. It is a wonderful place like heaven on Earth. Their beautiful literature, ballet, plastic arts, music, and landscape – you just name it and call Europe.  Similarly their women are blessed with enchanting beauty. They are a real reflection of European beauty. European girls are naturally more beautiful. Despite this, they always try do their best to look gorgeous.  They can do every effort to look stunning. A European girl will always make you proud of being with such a beautiful woman. In this article we talk about Saudis who has different perception about marrying foreigners. Here are seven reasons why Saudis don’t want to marry with European women.

  1. They are beautiful for them to handle: Their inspiration, motivation & worry to look more & more beautiful seem strange. Mostly women are like dais who just wants to look beautiful from every aspect in each stage. Either they are going for just a little walk or a hangout with dog, their craziness to look beautiful is on peak. One of my friends Sasha wears high heels every day. As it looks, she ignores lack of comfort and sometimes it is hard to walk. All is that she can bear everything for the sake of looking good. She can afford to have a daily pain killer or gel to look gorgeous. 
  2. Sincerity is not cool: A European girl may be your most devoted, sincere, honest friend plus your best legal & financial advisor and even your doctor if you are sick. Ladies in Europe are caring and tender. A European woman truly believes in her partner. Her views about him are much positive. If you think sincerity and dedication are not cool words for you, please don’t try to approach European women.
  3. You might deal difference with parents in law: There are different ways to deal with European parents in law. You should prove that her family can trust you and you can win their hearts. Tests are different in each family.
  4. Independent women: European women are more Independent women ever considered. They build their own career and lead a Rich life. These women also are much independent in a relationship.
  5. High expectations: European women also possess a demanding nature. They don’t want just a guy. All they want is a gentle men who can love, care, and respect and value manners too. "If you are not gentlemen, that’s not matching effort for you ".
  6. It's all about food: As we know that Saudis love food and they love to eat. If you have ever been in Saudi Arabia, you can notice a large number of restaurants here. For many women cooking is a way to show their love. European women do not use this trick and Saudis do not really feel very comfortable with that.
  7. Rule to break the ice: European women are very possessive and reserved in nature. They always try to keep a distance before you come close to them. But when you start to discover them, they cross the challenge to break the ice and prove themselves as most loving and caring women on earth.
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