Sunday, September 18, 2016

7 Surprising Reasons of having under Eye Circles

  1. Your parents may have passed on bad genes: Yes you read that right, your parents could be partly to blame for the dark circles. There are some hereditary conditions which can run in the family and can also lead to dark circles under the eyes. It is a very common trait found in people with Mediterranean backgrounds. There is however some good news, if it is pigmentation, then a specific laser operation can help you get rid of the darkness.
  2. Eczema can cause you to rub under eyes: While in itself the eczema may not be causing the dark circles, constant itching and then rubbing the area may do so. Excessive rubbing can cause swelling, broken blood vessels and inflammation under the eyes which can give a dark look to the skin, looking almost bruised.
  3. Allergies which make you itch: Any skin condition like eczema is not the only concern health wise which can cause the under eye circles. Allergies can also often trigger histamines inside the body which can cause blood vessels to dilate. Since the skin under the eye is thinnest, the swollen blood vessels can look darker. It is advisable to tend to the allergies ASAP.
  4. The makeup you put may be irritating your skin: Though it can seem counterproductive, the makeup is supposed to cover the dark circles, but if you are using any product which is bugging your skin, it could lead to development of dark circles or worsening of existing ones. Some people can also develop allergic reactions to the makeup they use and then get puffy eyes by rubbing them. If any new product that you use is bugging you, stop using it immediately, before any further damage can be done.
  5. You can blame your bone structure: This is something which has nothing to do with your skin, but with your bones instead. If your face is structured with a deep circle or tear troughs under their eyes, the indentation and shadowing of the area can make it look darker than the rest of the face however it has nothing to do with veins or pigmentation.
  6. Veins may give a blue tint to skin: If the area under your eye is looking blue, it could be very well because of the blood vessels, blue veins under the eyes look dark, hence it makes the area around the eye to be a dark circle, where as it is only the veins which are showing through the skin.
  7. Not enough protection from the sun: While you may want to head out into the sun for better skin, the skin under our eyes is thinnest and hence will get dark and damaged by the sun. This can then also cause swelling and dilating of the area. This is exactly why it is important to protect the skin under the eye, by using sunscreen and sunglasses.

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