Monday, September 19, 2016

9 Reasons, Saudi Arabia is way better than you think it is

  1. Cheap Gas: It is not just a cliché; gas prices are truly very cheap in comparison to the rest of the world. Just to give you an idea of how cheap, it is cheaper than water and SAR 20 will fill up an average tank.
  2. Jobs that pay well: When you are employed in the KSA you will get a reputation of being loaded, and while the perceived level of wealth may be somewhat exaggerated, in general the employees get paid pretty well in the KSA. Even if it is a low to average paying job in another country, in the KSA for the same job you will be paid well.
  3. Too much Food: If you have ever been to Saudi Arabia before, even for a brief time, you will know what we’re talking about. From the traditional homemade Kabsa (basmati rice with vegetables, meat and spices) or the fast food such as Al Baik or Shawarma, one thing you can be sure of in the Kingdom, that you will be eating well.
  4. Weekend getaways: When you are working in the KSA, you are close to all other Gulf countries as well as other locations; this means you can make it to these countries in a few hours and at very affordable rates. Imagine you could be working Thursday morning and could be in Dubai, Oman or Bahrain by nightfall.
  5. Clean Streets: Depending on where you are from, you may find the Kingdom to have really clean streets. This is not because of the hefty fines for littering, but instead the people themselves want to keep their streets clean. Recommended: Saudi Roads are 2nd best in Middle East – GCI Report
  6. Traffic: Other than a few construction zones, the roads do not have much traffic and the traffic is relaxed generally. There are no people cutting you off and taking your parking spot or ignore the traffic signals in the Kingdom.
  7. Electronic Governmental Issuing: All motorists and car owners do not have to waste their time in going to renew their license and registration, from one long queue on to another and waste several days. You can simply go online and renew everything you need, and you will only need to go in person to receive the renewed papers.
  8. The Expatriate Community Compounds: If you have a feeling that the public life in Saudi Arabia is too conservative and closed off, or that there is not much to do over there because you do not have the freedom or luxury, there will always be the option of the expatriate compounds. Anything that happens in the compound stays in the compound. Saudi society’s rules and regulations do not apply in these compounds. Recommended: 6 benefits of living in a western compound for Women in Saudi Arabia
  9. Nice Beaches and Diving spots: There are plenty of amazing diving spots near the Saudi Arabian side of the Red Sea quite a lot like the ones on the Egyptian side of the Red Sea, additionally other beautiful beaches and dive spots also exist near the Persian Gulf.
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