Thursday, September 22, 2016

9 thing men can do to look more attractive to Women

For all the guys out there, who are either having trouble attracting women, or somebody who is looking for the reasons as to why he has not been able to attract women, here it is. You have to admit that you do not have all the tips in this case, as nobody does. Below we will provide you with a list of things which you can do in order to look better or more attractive to the opposite sex, and if you are doing anything contradictory to what is written below, then you know where you are going wrong;

  1. Look for the global signals of flirtation: Most men do not know when a woman is flirting with them, which then might be perceived as not being interested towards her advances. First the woman will smile at her admirer. She will lift her eyebrows in a quick motion as she widens her eyes to gaze at him. Then she will drop her eye lids; tilt her head downwards and to the side. She may also cover her face with her hands as she will be nervously giggling. This sequential gesture of flirting is so distinctive that the German ethologist Irenaus had been convinced that it is an innate human female courtship ploy which evolved long ago to signal interest.
  2. Look for someone in the same league as you: Simply put, men and women are attracted to people who may be as attractive as them. If you are going for someone who is somewhat equal to you in looks, then it will avoid two things. If they are going to be much better looking than you, you will always be worried that they may be unsatisfied by your looks and will go off to have affairs. If they are significantly less attractive than you, then you will be worried about yourself doing the same
  3. Represent yourself as being high status: Sociologist Glen Elder had found that the wealth and looks of any person will tend to find them another person i.e. good looking women who are willing to settle down with a less attractive man only if they are wealthy. In a study done in 2010, it was found that men who had been pictured next to a Silver Bentley Continental GT was deemed much more attractive than those men who were pictured next to a Red Ford Siesta ST. additionally a 2014 study found that the men pictured in a luxury apartment had been deemed more attractive than those in a control group
  4. Look older than you are: Psychologists tend to call it the George Clooney Effect, and justifiably too. A study conducted in 2010 found 3770 people which showed women do often prefer older aged they have become more financially strong and independent, they will like the older guys even more. Psychologists have stated that the younger women and the older men can often be seen pairing up because fertility can only last from puberty to menopause in women, it starts at the time of puberty and can also extend long into the midlife for several men. And they have a greater opportunity to gather status and resources.
  5. Grow a light beard: While some may claim that the beard trend is over, some believe that it is not. In accordance to a 2013 study, the most attractive beard according to women is the heavy stubble, which can be seen after about 10 days of beard growth. Facial hair growth correlates or shows not only masculinity and maturity, but also associate with aggression and dominance. An intermediate level of beard is deemed most attractive. Plus it will only take a little bit of maintenance you will need to keep the 10 day beard constantly.
  6. Build a bit of muscle: A study done in 2007 at the University of California at Los Angeles had found that the women are most likely to have a short term relationship with a guy who has big muscles, or are fit. The sexual characteristics such as muscularity are the cues for genes which will increase offspring viability or the reproductive success.
  7. Be nice / kind: One of the most definite findings in psychology is the halo effect, which is a bias where you will take one aspect of somebody (unconsciously) as a proxy for the overall character. It is why it is thought that the beautiful people are good at what they do, even if they aren’t. A study done in 2014 had found that those people who had positive personality traits such as honesty and kindness which had been rated as being more attractive than those who have a negative personality trait such as being mean or evil.
  8. Talk about your emotions: Contrary to what the ideal of the breadwinner being aloof might have been prior to the 21st century, now the women and men can openly talk about their feelings. When the men are vulnerable the women will find them to be more desirable sexually and emotionally. Being vulnerable will not hurt the masculinity of any men, but will instead to the opposite. Those men who are emotionally well rounded tend to be more desirable by the women and are also largely likely to be better long term partners as well as emotionally stable than those men who are all closed up and not willing to share the intimate parts of their lives.
  9. Wear the color red: A cross cultural study conducted in 2010, with participants from all over the world, have found that the women are most attracted to those men who are wearing red. Red colored clothes have been a symbol of status since the Roman times when the most powerful men who were called the coccinati, would b the ones who would wear red. The red color works for both men as well as women.

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