Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Dance Party was arranged in Masjid to Celebrate Eid in Jeddah

Mosque is a holy place used for prayers and to worship God. It is also known as the house of God. It is a place which unites Muslims where they perform Salah and Ibada’ah together. It performs a vital role in distributing education and knowledge. But Pictures of people in Omar Basabreen Mosque celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan, that is Eid ul Fitr, came as a blow to the people of Saudi Arabia.   An Imam of a mosque in the red sea city of Jeddah was involved into this controversy after pictures of a party held inside the mosque was circulated by social media users.

What happened on Eid day was surely opposed by the imam as he persisted that the celebrations were not against the rule and were carefully handled so he welcomed the idea of celebration on account of Eid ul Fitr. The Imam tweeted that they were careful enough to not celebrate the Eid day with music and he further explained that some other religious people also did similar celebrations in the past but no one argued with them.  He further stated that some people who were involved in the dance did not seek his permission. It was beyond his control and he got to know about them later as he was busy in wishing the guests and greeting them. He was unaware of this act.

The employees and the people couldn’t believe and were shocked that the mosque was turned into a celebration hall which is meant for worshiping God. People said that the Imam should not have celebrated in such a manner, no matter what type of celebration it was.  Music is prohibited in Islam and therefore not allowed in the mosque as well. Others stated that the people and imam should be punished for this forbidden act as we don’t know when mosques will transform into music halls if we don’t put an end to it at this point.

However, still some said that it was nothing bad and since the beginning of Islam, there was no obligation on young people in celebrating holy festivals inside a mosque. Time is changing and so do people and these are all rumors exaggerated by extremist as explained by the users who think it was alright to celebrate in the holy hall. “The imam has to face discharge due to his behavior” stated the Religion ministry and stated that mosque should fulfill the cause they were constructed for and should not be misused for any sorts of parties or celebrations.

The reason of mosque should never be forgotten and thus it should solely be used for that purpose only. To unite people, to worship God under one roof, keeping aside the differences of caste, color, and creed, one should follow the principles of Islam instead of getting involved in un-Islamic activities and defending it.

Source: Gulf News

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