Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Muhammad Ghulam: Saudi Student tops the US Avian Contest

A Saudi Scholarship Student named Muhammad Ghulam, who had been studying mechanical engineering in the state of Rhode Island in the United States of America, is now standing first in the universities design competition which is sponsored by the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration. The competition in which Ghulam took place has been designed in developing innovative and practical airport technologies which will help greatly in addressing the real challenges which are faced by the aviation industry around the world.

Ghulam, who is currently under the King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program has stated that he has won the first prize in the category of airport maintenance and operations after he has successfully passed the task of designing such a system which could improve the method of detection and removal of stray pieces and debris which could possibly cause significant damage to the aircraft while on the runway. Back in 2000, such an incident occurred when the Concorde airplane exploded upon take off. It has been deemed that the plane exploded due to such material and debris being present on the runway.

The invention that addresses the issues of Foreign Object Debris (FOD), which is one of the major challenges in the aviation industry, is distinct from other debris removal systems in that no extra vehicle is needed to sweep the airport surfaces, he said. Ghulam has stated that the machine which he has designed has been specified to be retrofitted between the rear and front axles of the baggage carts which are used to transport baggage to and from the airplanes at the airports. The machine has been fitted in the baggage carts as these carts can be seen stationed at any given time towards the outer circle or area of the airport which is where the majority of such debris is often found.

This invention is one which will save millions of lives, while also ensuring a safe journey for the countless air travelers jetting across the world, from one place to another. There have been numerous incidents where debris or any discarded material or bits of material are left on the runways or close to the runways. This causes a serious health risk to not only the hundreds of passengers and crew aboard each place, but also to the airplane as well as the runway.

Any incident on the runway may cause the runway to be shut down on a long or short term basis. This will cause inconvenience to the countless other passengers and scores of flights which will become delayed due to the runway being closed down. As somebody who is completely and utterly terrified of flying, even if it may be a 2 hour flight, I really appreciate all the work which has been done by the young man and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors to make air travel as safe as possible for everybody around the world.

Source: Arab News

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