Friday, September 16, 2016

Private Schools cannot expel students for non payment of Fee

The director of a private international education center located in Riyadh has stated that any private school has the right to withhold any certificate or other document of any student until they have paid out all of their financial liabilities. Mahmoud Al Quihaes stated in a ministerial circular that even though the schools have the right to withhold documents or certificates of students until the financial settlement has been completed and all of the dues have been settled, it should not be preventing the student from further continuing their studies at any other school.

On the topic of whether any financial fine would be imposed on any school if they are withholding the documents or file of any student who wants to transfer into another school, Al Quihaes stated that there are rules and regulations which are in place for such a scenario and also the ministerial circular which is addressing the educational problems which the students face in transferring the files electronically. The paper files or hard copy stays in the school until all of the financial owing have been paid off. The most vital thing is that any student who wishes to transfer does not have to stay out of school and waste their time. The system has also clearly banned any school from expelling the students for not paying the fees. He stated that the fee of the school varies from one school to the next, in accordance to the curriculum and the overall package of the school (size of campus, location of campus, services offered). The Ministry of Education is closely monitoring the fees and follows up with decisions by the Ministers of the Council.

Al Quiahes has also laid great stress on the essential role which has been entrusted to the private education keeping in mind the huge expansion which has been seen in the sector in the recent years. He stated that the international and private education office is under restructuring which has been implemented recently. This restructuring will open several prospects for expansion and investments which would ease the various obstacles and hardships which are faced by owners and investors.

He added that they aim to take a huge leap in terms of the quality of education in the international and private schools, and are supporting the educational process occurring inside the private establishments. He said that the Education Department in Riyadh is one of the largest in the Kingdom and is currently supervising both international and private schools.

The total number of international and private schools for boys and girls at all study levels is currently at 1700, while the number of students is estimated to be around 300,000 both men and women. The Ministry of Education has appointed a principal for each and every private school, that too at the expense of the Education Ministry. The government is also offering any aid and assistance to several schools. Assistance includes financial aid, technical assistance and any other type of support needed by the schools.

Source: Arab News

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