Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Razan Al Aqeel: Saudi Student elected as Youth Ambassador in United Nations

Razan Al Aqeel, an 18 year old Saudi female student has now been chosen by the United Nations to become the Arab Youth Ambassador to the United Nations Youth Assembly. A session was being held under the slogan “The world we want in 2030”, during which Al Aqeel was chosen as the Arab Youth Ambassador. The sessions were being held in the United States of America and the session discussed 150 global issues while also giving appropriate solutions to the issues. At the conference, Razan Al Aqeel who is a first year political student studying at the Appalachian State University located in North Carolina, had spoken about the volunteering emphasis in the Kingdom, the ways of developing the community work so that it benefits all of the members of the society. She also spoke of global warming and the consequent problems faced by the environment.

Razan Al Aqeel had also discussed the role of the youth in increasing the social awareness through cooperation with the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Aqeel also holds the title of being the first ever Saudi and Arab Girl who had participated in the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. She has up till now volunteered more than 250 hours inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 100 hours inside the United States, which has qualified her to represent her country in such international events.

Al Aqeel stated that she believes that youth can truly make a difference in the world. The youth are the future, the adults of tomorrow, so she will wait for the next ten years to see a completely new world. She added that she likes to volunteer in order to give back to the community. She believes that volunteering is the best way to show the people that anything can be done. When one is volunteering there is no I, there is only us, the team, and that is what makes everything so special. When a person is volunteering it can create a kind of happiness and contentment in our hearts, and can be a spark of joy in our eyes.

On her participation at this particular conference, Al Aqeel stated that this participation is a great achievement for not only her but for all of the young Saudi people. She believes that the youth can bring about a great change in this world. She also expressed her wish to truly exploit everything that she had learned in order to serve her country.

She stated that her goal is to represent the Saudi people at several youth events so that the entire world knows the strength and persistence of the Saudi Youth at local and global levels. Al Aqeel is currently an exchange student in the State of North Carolina, United States. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in political science, and has also received the membership at the University’s Ambassador Program which also makes her the first ever Saudi to participate in such a program.

Source: Arab News

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