Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Saudi man arrested for sharing a video of women university employees

The police authorities in Riyadh have just arrested a Saudi national man, who had posted a video on a social media platform. The Saudi man claimed that the video was of a bus which had been carrying female employees from one of the most prestigious universities in the capital city. The suspected Saudi man, who is said to be in his thirties, had himself filmed the bus carrying those female employees from the King Abdul Aziz Medical City and then proceeded to post it online claiming the female passengers of the bus were from some other university in the Kingdom.

Colonel Fawaz Al Maiman, who is the spokesman for the police department in Riyadh, stated that the suspected Saudi man has come clean and admitted his guilt. However the man has not also given any specific reason as to why he had filmed the bus carrying the female workers. Spokesman Colonel Al Maiman has warned all the people of Riyadh as well as other cities in Saudi Arabia to not abuse the various social media platforms by posting any type of picture or video, such as that shared by this Saudi man, as it can lead to very serious consequences.  He also laid great stress on the fact that such offenses come under the new e crime system where the offenders will be subjected to various kinds of severe punishments.

Only last year, a similar type of video clip or film had been circulating on the social media platforms. In the video it could be seen that two men had been following a girl at one of the malls in Taif. The video also showed one of the two men trying to touch the girl inside the mall. Both of the suspects seen in the video had been picked up by authorities, warned of their actions and then discharged. Any of the video clips which are posted on the various social media platforms can be very easily traced down to the person who had posted it or them and then identified by the police and authorities by the use of modern technology.

In a study which was released just last year, the Ministry of Justice had pointed out that the Special Criminal Court based in Riyadh had recorded the highest number of cases related to pornography during the last 3 years, with around 76 instances. Sharing or distributing any and all videos which might have any other person in it, be it a man or a woman, without their knowledge is illegal and unethical. If you do share a video it is vital that you take permission from all those present in the video to share the video.

Additionally in the specific case of women being in the video or you taking a video of another woman and posting it online, you should only remember that it could be your mother, your wife, your sister or your daughter.  Would you like it if you went on the internet and found a video of one of them there?

Source: Arab News

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