Thursday, September 15, 2016

Saudi Supreme Courts pardons a Filipino driver who killed 4 people

In JEDDAH city of Saudi Arabia, Filipino driver, named Rino, who is a psychotic disorder victim called schizophrenia, killed people while driving. This driver was free from any charge from the death sentence of inattentively driving. Reported source sketched the happening of the whole accident. This happened few years ago. The Saudi Penal Court reported that the accident took place early in the morning when Rino got up and walked away from his room towards Saudi Airline’s worker’s residence which was located in Al-Khalidiya District. He was also holding hammer in his hand and a screwdriver.

He was reacting much angrily on the workers. The source stated that Rino shattered the windows of a Saudi Airline’s worker’s car and then took over a bus with the capacity of holding 50 seats. The engine of the bus was running and there were 12 workers in the bus.   Rino grabbed the seated workers with their collar and took their cell phones. Rino ordered everyone to remain seated. Then he took over the bus and drove the bus down towards the King Abdul Aziz Road at high speed. This driver completed distance of 15 km without direction. Three of the seated passengers jumped out of the window. Unfortunately one of the passengers died. The other two passengers got serious injuries.

Rino broke all traffic rules and continued driving. He also exploded to strike vehicles and killed a young man, his mother and sister.  The public attorney demanded death execution for the driver. At the time of investigation of the case, the General Court declared Rino detention to death. But the Court of Appeals revokes the punishment. The Supreme Court then officially considered the case again. The Judicial Committee reported and declared as it was one of the most terrifying accidents which results in the murder of people. The initial charge on Rino was to pay amount SR 250,000 for the compensation of damages.

Thus the Supreme Court needed to reopen the case. Rino’s statement to the court was that he started working for Saudi Airlines in October 2008 as a driver. Rino also informed about his anxiety over his family in Philippines. He heard voices around him so in order to protect himself from voices, he held tools. Then, he immediately went to the place from where he noticed the voices coming from. Then he took over the bus and drove it. When the police came, he just stopped the bus and moved out to escape. However, the Police arrested him.

Rino‘s medical test, which was done as an official part of the job states that he is perfectly fine. His medical reports from his own country confirmed the same results. He also passed training workshop. But Taif Mental Hospital stated the report that Rino has schizophrenia and susceptible to hallucinations and also, lacks will power. After these Reports, the Judicial Committee decided to relieve the criminal charge and keep him in official custody with psychological and medical treatment.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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