Sunday, September 4, 2016

Top 8 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in the World

Approximately 50 million people in US are consuming cigarette which is why Cigarettes are called the most consumed product in the world. Companies selling Cigarette are getting involved in billion dollar businesses by developing variety of products and unique cigarettes. There are various new and old brands consumed around the world despite their fluctuating prices. Cigarettes are although not considered healthy but some companies launched their brands differently. They focus on quality and taste. Tobacco industry thought that to make real business, regular tobacco taste isn’t enough. So there is a change in manufacturing of cigarettes into flavored cigarettes. Check out the ten most expensive cigarette brands in the world

  1. Benson & Hedges: It is a traditional English brand known for its taste This Company is owned by Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco or Japan Tobacco. The cigarettes come in different varieties. A pack of ten costs approximately $4.
  2. Pall Mall: It was introduced in 1899 as one of the world’s first prestigious by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, in US, and by British American Tobacco internationally. They deliver a smooth taste, slow burn and long lasting smoky experience with the best quality one could wish for. It comes in different varieties depending on their strength. A pack of 10 costs approximately $3.
  3. Lucky Strike: It is an American brand first launched by R.A. Patterson in 1871. They are popular for unique production making it America’s favorites. A pack of ten costs approximately $2.90.
  4. Dunhill: It is considered the best around the world. These are manufactured and distributed by British American Tobacco Company. A pack of ten costs approximately$3.75.
  5. Davidoff: It is owned by Imperial Tobacco who launches luxurious variety of cigarettes and not compromise in quality and excellence. A pack of ten costs approximately $4.10.
  6. Parliament: It was launched in 1931 and is marketed by Phillip Morris. Their cigarette contains strong taste and light smell. They are offered in different variety. A pack of ten costs approximately $3.70.
  7. Camel: In 1913, an American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco introduced this very famous brand of cigarettes. It contains a mixer of Virginian and Turkish tobacco. Their cigarettes are recognized for attractive campaigns and designs. A pack of ten costs approximately $2.90.
  8. Marlboro: It is a well-known brand around the world first introduced for women in 1924. The company is owned by Phillip Morris who launches variety of cigarettes of different smell and taste. $3.64 is the approximate price of ten Marlboro king Cigarette.
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