Sunday, September 25, 2016

Woman Patient’s Hair turned hard at a Saudi Hospital

If you ask a woman the true value of her hair, you will understand it is quite opposite to that of us men. In the case of men, until our hair starts falling, we don’t give it a second thought, but women tend to spend a lot of time and money on their hair in order to look perfect. The family of a female patient under psychiatric care at a hospital in Jeddah has come out to claim that the woman’s hair has turned extremely hard and impossible to mold after she had been treated for lice with some sort of chemical substance.

In accordance to a report launched on Friday by an online publication in the Kingdom, the family has stated that a probe has already been launched into their claims. The sister of the woman in question stated that her sister had been taken to the hospital around 3 months ago. It was during this time that the staff at the hospital found lice in the hair of some patients, which had prompted the hospital staff to provide them with treatment with some sort of a chemical solution. The family of the woman has claimed that the hair of the same woman was soft and beautiful not so long ago, and has turned extremely hard and entangled after the anti lice treatment received from the hospital staff.

The woman’s hair has now become extremely tight and hard which has made it full of knots which cannot even be combed. Countless attempts at combing the hair with the help of oil or water have proved fruitless. The family initially got very concerned that there is some black magic done to her hair. The family at one time was too scared to touch the hair, stated the woman’s sister. The sister added that they did not initially allow the hospital to cut off her hair, however after some time when it became completely unmanageable due to it being unable to be combed, the family agreed to have her head shaved. Following that the family lodged a complaint at the hospital against the hygiene standard.

The director at the psychiatric hospital in Jeddah, Nawaf Al Harthi has stated that an investigation is already underway. If any sort of negligence is uncovered during the investigation, everybody should rest assured that the perpetrators or the responsible party will be punished. If indeed what the staff at the psychiatric hospital is allegedly doing is true, then it is perhaps the most despicable act I have seen or heard of in recent years.

Those who are not mentally fit, often rely on the staff of the establishment or institution that they are residing in, in order to complete their day to day activities. If the hospital staff is purposely destroying the hair of their patients, then it is a clear violation of their human rights and also moral and ethical code that the medical staff has to adhere to.

Source: Arab News

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