Sunday, October 16, 2016

Airline passenger Jailed for 3 months for Kissing Female Flight Attendant

In Dubai, a daily newspaper reported that a man has been imprisoned and ordered to be deported from the UAE for kissing an Emirate carrier air hostess as they posed for a selfie on a Dubai-bound flight. Dubai Criminal Court report included the information that a Tanzanian, who seemed to be 42 years old, has been imprisoned for three months after he was found liable for sexually harassing the lady. The court was told that the man reached to the 25-year-old American air hostess and asked her to pose for a selfie with him. As they remained next to one another he ‘hugged’ and kissed her on the neck.

The woman told the court that she remembered her manager told the man to move away from her but he didn’t. She later accounted the happening to the police in April after her flight from Tanzania to Dubai. The lady said that the man asked her for one more picture, to which she agreed. When she remained next to him for the click, he hugged her and kissed on her neck to which she immediately pushed him away. As stated by the police, the man initially confessed to the incident, but after the case was presented to the court in June he completely disagreed. However, he is going to be deported after a certain period.

The most compelling approach to stay away from sexual provocation in the job place, and also impact the public’s state of mind, is for the worker to accept an understandable approach prohibiting sexual pestering and to make it very obvious to their representatives. Majority women want to protest and have the matter discussed in the work environment with a government funded protestation. Organizations should manage such dangers and make sensible practical steps to avoid such conditions. In a good job, there should be a safe, profitable and harassment-free working environment for the staff.

As stated from a new survey, more than one-fourth of all air hosts and hostesses show that they had been sexually harassed some time on duty in flight over the past 12 months; sometimes almost half of them had witnessed or listened to something similar with their associates being sexually harassed.  Of the study respondents, 86 percent were female and 14 percent were male. Approximately 29 percent of the female respondents guaranteed that they had been sexually harassed during their job setting in the previous year, compared to 17 percent of the male respondents.

Sexual harassment continues to be a severe issue in job places. Patting, touching, kissing or pinching were the most basic complaints, followed by nonverbal sex cues, sexual jokes, solicitations to sexual favors and the indication of claiming pornographic materials.  The majority universal airlines have made a rule with respect to sexual pestering. 39 percent of the individuals who responded upon questioning said that they weren't aware of any such tactic to handle the situation. Only 11 percent said that their company’s strategy included data on how to handle such scenarios.

Source: Al Arabiya

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