Monday, October 10, 2016

Angry Wife takes revenge by bumping Husband’s Home with Car

In an ideal world, men and women would marry, to live a happy life together and depart this planet without the need for more marriages.  But we live in a world where reality is far different than expected. People sometimes expire at a young age, leaving behind grieving spouses with possibly a long life ahead of them.  Marrying to have a second wife is something that is allowed in Islam but not in all circumstances, as thought by people. As long as the man has the ability to balance himself in that wedding on both the sides, as stated by the Islamic law, he should be capable of maintaining strict equity between his wives. He must try to be the best of his capacity.

One incident is being discussed here where a wife reacted furiously on husband’s second marriage. An Arab lady wedded to a Saudi man, crashed his car into his home after he took up a second wife.  The furious woman, upon listening about the second wedding of his husband, approached the driver to take her to the second wife’s home.  She, upon reaching, asked the driver to get down and let her drive. The lady then sat on the driver seat and apparently crushed the auto into the house in a fit of anger until the vehicle was damaged. After hearing those noises and crushing sounds, the neighbors and police rushed into the house. The lady was taken to a healing facility for medicine.

Most of the people on social media said that the man should have the guts to inform his first wife about his second marriage plans and make arrangements beforehand to prevent this incident. Others said that the man should think himself as a fortunate person as she only took out her anger on the house and did not kill the husband. In Islam, wedding is a serious contract to which the Shariah lays down guidelines and ensures its strength.

As stated by scholars, the Shariah doesn't oblige the man to get the acceptance of the initial wife for a second wedding. If the circumstances for a second wedding are correct as stated by the Shariah, he can lawfully go ahead and wed. For this, the wife should also understand the situation or her husband’s reason for the wedding and discuss it with him.

For instance, if the second wedding is disturbing the first wedding and the established structure and if the man can't treat his wives with equality, he should not wed more than one lady. This is a statement typically overlooked or taken casually by numerous men, depriving ladies with the privilege Allah has given.  It is also worth specifying that the lady has the authority before the wedding that she can demand her life partner to give consent in advance to certain conditions of hers, in this case, he cannot marry for the second time.

Source: Gulf News

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