Friday, November 18, 2016

52 Years Jail, 7,000 Lashes to rapists who gang-raped an expat woman in front of her family

The rape is a huge sin for which the punishment should be death. In Islam, the death penalty is kept for the greater violations which hurt a single person or threatens the society. Assault falls under both of these classes.  Islam very genuinely gives honour to ladies and ensures their safety. The Quran reminds men to behave well with ladies with benevolence and equitability. Assault is a terrible act which ruins the life of a woman and makes her embarrassed in the society.

A Saudi court has sentenced a rapist group comprising of four people, to 52 years in prison, when they were found guilty of raping a lady in front of her spouse and young daughter. Al Riyadh daily paper stated that the rapists were three Saudis and one Sudani. The court in Jeddah in western Saudi Arabia punished and sentenced them to 7,000 lashes. A 17-year old Saudi was punished for 17 years in jail and 2,500 lashes to be given in 50 sessions. The other two were imprisoned for 15 years each and sentenced to 1,500 lashes to be given in 30 sessions. The last was put in lockup for five years and to be given 1,500 lashes.

It was revealed that the rapists entered the house of an expat forcefully, tying them with electric wires. They then took his wife in their custody, tore her clothes in front of her man and raped her.  The men additionally grabbed 10,000 Saudi Riyals and eight cell phones from the house. The men came back to the same house on a different event with knives this time and raped the woman again.  The daily newspaper also stated that the rapists agreed to what they have done. It was also proved after talking to the family’s neighbours, reports of the experts, doctors, specialists and evidence.

Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries I have ever lived. Even in more developed countries like France and the USA, I always feel worried about my belongings but this is not the case in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, I always feel safe at my home as well as outside. No matter where I am going, at what time, Saudi Arabia has given a sense of security to everyone that they are safe in this beautiful country.

One of the major reasons of maintaining this high level of security within the country is the strong punishments imposed on culprits and providing justice without racism. We have seen many cases where Justice was provided to even normal people against very influential people and sometimes even against royal families. These are the true teachings of Islam. Once I asked an Islamic scholar, what is the most suitable to denote our religion after the word “Islam”, he answered “Justice”.

Source: Gulf News

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