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64 Names of Muslim Boys starting from the alphabet “K” along with their meanings

At the time of birth of our children, almost all of us face the difficulty of choosing a unique, beautiful and a meaningful Muslim name. I have personally experienced it at the time when I had to name my son. I know there are many common Muslim names for Girls and Boys but the problem is that these are common names and normally wives or someone in your family don’t want to use these common names. So your requirement is a unique name with a good Islamic meaning. Some people want to name their child starting with a special alphabet for example, “K”. Keeping this in mind, I have finally decided to provide a list of names of Muslim boys starting from each alphabet along with its meanings. In this page, you would be able to check 64 Names of Muslim Boys starting from the alphabet “K” along with their meanings.

1. Meaning of Kaamil - Perfect, accomplished
2. Meaning of Kaashif - Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer
3. Meaning of Kabeer - Great
4. Meaning of Kabir - Big, great
5. Meaning of Kafeel - Responsible, Surety, Sponsor
6. Meaning of Kaiser - Emperor, King
7. Meaning of Kajji - An authority of hadith at Baghdad
8. Meaning of Kalbi - An authority on genealogy and the Quran
9. Meaning of Kaleem - Speaker, talker
10. Meaning of Kaleema - Public speaker, singer
11. Meaning of Kamal - Perfection, completeness
12. Meaning of Kamil - Perfect, complete
13. Meaning of Kamran - Safety and helpful
14. Meaning of Kareem - Noble, generous
15. Meaning of Karim - Giver

16. Meaning of Kasam - The king
17. Meaning of Kashan - Place of rulers
18. Meaning of Kashif - Uncoverer
19. Meaning of Kasim - Lovely
20. Meaning of Kawkab - Star
21. Meaning of Kawthar - Much, Abundant, Copious. (Name of a river in paradise)
22. Meaning of Kaysan - Wise
23. Meaning of Kazi - Judge
24. Meaning of Kazim - Restrainer of anger
25. Meaning of Keyaan - Crown, King
26. Meaning of Khadim - Servant, attendant
27. Meaning of Khafid - Easy, comfortable, smooth
28. Meaning of Khalaf - Successor, Descendants
29. Meaning of Khalam - Servent to Allah
30. Meaning of Khaldun - Implies eternity

31. Meaning of Khaleed - Abiding
32. Meaning of Khaleel - Goo Friend
33. Meaning of Khaleeq - Suitable (for), Worthm Deserving, Polite, Affable, Well-disposed
34. Meaning of Khalid - Eternal, glorious
35. Meaning of Khalifah - Successor, Caliph
36. Meaning of Khalis - Pure, Clean
37. Meaning of Khallad - Old, Aged. (also name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion
38. Meaning of Kharijah - Outside, external
39. Meaning of Khasib - Fertile, Productive, Profuse
40. Meaning of Khateeb - Orator, Preacher
41. Meaning of Khawar - From east to west
42. Meaning of Khayaam - Iranian Poet, Tent
43. Meaning of Khayr - Goodness, health, Safe
44. Meaning of Khayri - Charitable
45. Meaning of Khayyat - Tailor

46. Meaning of Khazin - Treasurer
47. Meaning of Khidash - Name of Prophet (S.A.W)'s companion
48. Meaning of Khidr - Green
49. Meaning of Khirash - Scratching, Scraping, (name of a companion)
50. Meaning of Khubaib - Shinning
51. Meaning of Khubayb - A fast walker, (name of companion)
52. Meaning of Khulayd - Abiding, (name of companion)
53. Meaning of Khunays - Hidden (name of companion)
54. Meaning of Khuram - Tiger
55. Meaning of Khuraymah - (name of companion)
56. Meaning of Khurram - Cheerful, Happy
57. Meaning of Khursheed - The sun
58. Meaning of Khurshid - Sun
59. Meaning of Khush Bakht - Fortunate, of good fortune
60. Meaning of Khushtar - Sarrounded by happiness

61. Meaning of Kifayat - Enough, sufficient
62. Meaning of Kinza - Hidden Treasure
63. Meaning of Kishwar - A country, region

64. Meaning of Kurayb - Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name


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