Monday, November 21, 2016

Heavy Penalties on Crowd Gatherings around Traffic Accidents

People gathering around the scene of an accident or any sort of incident is common in most third world countries, however, it is also extremely common in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is in no way a third world country. Though these people might be just bored or inquisitive, they create a real safety hazard for those involved in the accidents and for themselves too. They also, in turn, create obstacles and obstruct the way of rescue and law enforcement authorities to reach the site of the accident. The director of Civil Defense, Marshall Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al Amr has just now revealed that the Saudi government and relevant authorities will be starting the implementation of measures which would be in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies.

These measures will be put in place in order to impose a sanction against the crowds that can usually be seen gathering around the sites of accidents which ultimately obstruct any rescue efforts and operations. The director of Civil Defense stated that strict penalties will be imposed on all those individuals who gather around the scenes of the accident and hence obstruct any rescue work done by the officers of the Civil Defense force. Marshall Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al Amr was speaking during a meeting on Thursday which had been held on the emergency response situation by the Civil Defense and was done in cooperation with the Dar Al Ulum, which is a private University located in Riyadh.

The director of Civil Defense stated that these types of forums are vital to putting attention on raising awareness levels through the media about the various dangers of assembling or gathering around the sites of any and all accidents. Civil Defense director, Marshall Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al Amr praised the keenness and continuous support of the Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Naif, for training of the Civil Defense personnel and Civil Defense officers in order to deal with various disaster and emergency response situations around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Director, Marshall Al Amr, also recognised that there is no actual way to completely stop the crises from occurring, however, it is extremely vital to diversify the training which the officers and personnel receive in respect to the on-field scenarios and situations. This particular forum comes just as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has commenced a rigorous and rapid development operation in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on all the fronts. This rapid and rigorous development being done by the authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in line with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030.

Director, Marshall Al Amr also stated that the Civil Defense authorities are also coordinating their efforts with the Ministry of Education. These efforts are based upon the recent and noted lapses in safety and health in some of the rented schools in certain parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Civil Defense authorities are also now working hard in order to rectify the situation.

Source: Arab News

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