Saturday, November 5, 2016

How a tweet helped to foil a Bomb Attack on Jeddah Stadium during World Cup match

A tweet helped police to save Jeddah stadium from terrorist attack and save the lives of 30,000 innocent souls on Oct 11, 2016. Security officers in Jeddah reported to Arab News that they laid down a team of safety guards at Sports city King Abdullah in Al Jawhara by following through a social networking site.  The security officials uncovered the cell by taking the hint from a tweet which said that the next day there will be an important event worth remembering at Al Jawhara where the UAE team meets the Saudi team in a match witnessed by a huge crowd.

The security officers started searching for the man who disclosed the threat. After investigations, they arrived at a conclusion that the target is the sports ground which is to be exploded by an automobile full of explosives. In view of this information, the law enforcement authorities acted to let down the plan.  The custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman and Prince Khaled Al Faisal the current governor of Makkah region had been very keen in this case and thus ensured the security arrangements from the start until the action was defeated.  On the day of match, monitoring over security cameras and other such procedures were made stronger in the area of the stadium. The arrest of the cell was made possible which wanted to take lives of innocent souls with the help of ISIS. They divided into groups that had moved into three houses in downtown Jeddah.

After the news was announced that Jeddah was saved from a huge attack and the cell was captured, within two hours, Al Jawhara blast hashtag was trending in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, with more than 150,000 tweets, settling it a worldwide. A lot of people praised the security officers’ strength to fight with all the plans that were planned to destroy the country’s force and solidness through killing or through bringing about the tribal clash.  The tweets by Saudis emphasized and appreciated the security powers and their ability to combat terrorists and defeat strikes that could have had devastating effects by killing scores of innocent people and wreaking destruction. Others said that it brought new promises of loyalty to the rulers. There were huge numbers of tweets revealing Daesh’s fear and principles, which focus on the killing of Saudis and Muslims, clarifying that Daesh has zero to do with Islam.

Privileged President of the UAE football companionship Sheik Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan appreciated and admired the Saudi security powers, and also said that this attempt reveals how much terrorists hate them. Saudi writer Walid Al-Farraj said that the number of spectators in the Saudi stadium is enough to tell the terrorists that Saudis are not afraid of them.

Qatari writer Khaled Jassem said that a few people, including himself, were a  bit irritated by the intense efforts to establish security and the long examination process for entering but they did not know that they were in such a challenging situation where there was a genuine risk of thousands of innocent lives.

Source: Arab News

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