Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SR 300 Fine for a child below 10, sitting in the front seat of a vehicle

Despite all the efforts made by the Saudi Traffic Police, they are not able to control the number of traffic accidents on the road. There are many causes of these accidents but the leading cause is the aggressive and careless driving by the drivers. If you are living in Saudi Arabia, you must have seen accidents on the roads due to rash driving and careless attitude. Yes, careless attitude is also one of the major reasons of causalities and injuries in the road accidents. It is not very rare in Saudi Arabia to see women carrying their babies in the front seat of the vehicle. In fact sometimes you can identify drivers driving their vehicles with babies in their laps. Recommended: Children are not Airbags of your Car

There are many chances of survival on road accidents if you comply with the safety rules. For example, if you meet with an accident while wearing a seatbelt, there are many chances of survival. In the same way, if children are seated on their special seats, the chances of losses during an accident are minimized. Keeping in view this safety requirement, Saudi Traffic Police has started imposing traffic fines on those vehicles who don’t comply with this particular traffic rule in Saudi Arabia.

A copy of traffic ticket has been in circulation on social media nowadays which shows a vehicle being charged for a child below 10 years old sitting in the front seat. The amount of traffic fine is not mentioned in that paper but with our knowledge about the traffic fines, we know that the maximum fine in this regard cannot exceed SR 300 per violation.  You can read into further details about it in this link. Recommended: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has also increased the amount of some traffic fines with the start of 1438 Hijri year. It was published in newspapers in the beginning of Oct 2016 that the fine for crossing red signal will be increased to SR 6,000. One of our readers shared with us a ticket of SR 6,000 for crossing a red light. However, it appears that Traffic Department took pity on people and reduced the fine for crossing a red light to SR 3,000 now. Recommended: Traffic Department reduces the fine for crossing red light to SR 3,000

According to the Director General of Traffic, Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Zahrani, if someone is caught throwing a cigarette butt from the car’s window, he will be fined with SR 100. Recommended: SR 100 fines for throwing Cigarette Butt on Street in Saudi Arabia

Traffic Violations
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