Thursday, December 15, 2016

10 Years Jail, 20 Years travel ban to a Saudi Citizen for posting some Tweets

In the capital of Saudi-Arabia, Riyadh, the Special Criminal Court (SCC) sentenced a Saudi citizen to a serious punishment for his tweets. Saudi citizen holds order of imprisonment for ten years and would not be allowed to travel outside the country for further ten years after his prison completion. It was due to the false and terrifying activities that such severe punishment was imposed by Special Criminal Court (SCC) on his own citizen.  The special criminal court is basically a non-Sharia court which started its working since 2008. The reason for this special criminal court creation was to make Kingdom of Saudi Arabia free from any kind of violent acts and to take notice for stopping any terrorist’s activities suspected in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This Saudi citizen was found culprit for tracking news of the terrorist group name Daesh by using online news and social networking service which is Twitter. This man not just found guilty of tracking terrorist group Daesh but also of becoming a source of support for them with the help of social media. He used to support Daesh terrorist group by sending tweets, writing alarming or warning letters which was totally against the national security agencies working for the Kingdom’s protection. This man created a fake or false ID after deleting his original social account on twitter. The Saudi man was found accountable on posting on social media which was against the Kingdom and using anti-state comments.

Besides this, the man was also found blameworthy for giving tweets against the Minister of Interior by giving threats of bombs and missiles. He targeted the Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia in his tweets by using harsh words such as, “soon you must surrender, belts are ready to get you and there is no way of escape for you”. He also stated in his posts that every dictator will be punished and eliminated.  He was also found guilty of posting controversial writings which could create great violence and a source of spreading negative views among people.

The Special Criminal Court (SCC) charged him ten years of prison. The prison duration started since his date of arrest, as ordered by the court. The Special Criminal Court also charged him a fine which is about SR 50,000. Special Criminal Court gave orders for closing his account on the social site. To prevent him from writing or sharing remarks against any national body or support any terrorist group, his cell phone was also taken away from him. 

In a nutshell, Social media sites have a great impact on our lives. Even, it's hard to imagine that ten years ago there was no twitter and Facebook. Special Criminal court played an effective role in ceasing wrong activities on social media. Being a good citizen, we are responsible for` spreading constructive and positive thinking regarding our country and use social media in positive, effective and beneficial form. Using social media in productive form can take our country towards success. (Ameen)

Source: Arab News  

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