Thursday, December 22, 2016

15 Years Jail, 1500 Lashes for killing 4 months old “JINN” baby

A man killed his own infant child, claimed that the four-month-old child had been possessed by evil spirits or Jinns. The man also blamed the child and it being possessed by a spirit, as the main cause of the death of his wife. The man has now been sentenced to a jail term of 15 years as well as additional punishment of 1500 lashes by a court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A plea entered by the family of the wife, which asked for the death penalty for the murderer had been rejected by the presiding judge of the Makkah Court who stated that the man would be serving 5 years behind bars for the murder of his infant child and will be sentenced to an additional 10 years behind bars for causing the death of his own wife, and driving the car being under the influence of heavy drugs.

This tragedy coming into notice now actually occurred one year ago. The man was supposedly so high off drugs, that as he was driving, out of the blue he started beating his child, and then proceeded to throw the child out of the window of the moving vehicle. This was reported by the Okaz Saudi daily. Under the immense shock of what had happened, the wife tried to flee from the deranged and high husband and tried to look for any help that she could get. The wife, however, did not realize that she was standing on the highway and was soon hit by a truck at very high speeds, which killed her on impact.

The husband then proceeded to leave the area and was only caught when he stopped a police patrol unit that was passing by and proceeded to mumble no understandable words to the officer in the patrol unit. One of the police officers got out of the police vehicle to assess this strange situation, and it is at this moment that the police officer discovered blood smeared all over the front seat of the car as well as the clothes of the deranged man.

The man foolishly, in his high state of mind, tried to once again flee the scene as he had done before, however, the police officers arrested him. The man had been arrested as he was hysterically screaming that he had killed the jinn that possessed his young child and caused the death of his wife. During the tense trial, the public prosecutor appealed to put the defendant on death row, however, the judge refused the plea.

This kind of incidents are not very common in Saudi Arabia. It is duty of our families to teach our children to report domestic violence to the authorities so that these incidents can be avoided. Moreover, stricter punishments should be imposed on the culprits so that nobody can dare to do anything like this.

Source: Gulf News

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