Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How I removed SR 3,000 Fine for crossing red signal by creating a traffic dispute

I think most of us have become the victim of the Saher Cameras as sometimes we miss to follow traffic rules and regulations. I personally feel that this kind of measures taken by the Saudi Government are in the benefits of the public. I personally have been fined once for crossing red signal but at that time the fine for crossing red signal was SR 500. I knew that I had committed a mistake so I didn’t create any dispute on MOI website and just paid the fine. However, if you believe that you have done nothing wrong, you have an option to create a dispute with traffic police. Recommended: Procedure to Challenge/Dispute Traffic Violation

One of our readers Mr. Usman Hameed has shared his experience of creating a dispute for the traffic violation and finally getting success in it. One day, I received a message from the traffic police for crossing red signal for which they fined me SR 3,000. I was shocked as I had not done anything wrong and not crossed the red signal. Immediately, I checked into my MOI account the time and location for the traffic accident and found that the traffic violation took place in Jeddah. I live in Riyadh, I had not been to Jeddah at that time. I created a dispute online using my MOI account. Recommended: Get Location and Time of Traffic Violation

I waited for a week but there was no progress regarding my online dispute. I was afraid that the traffic violation fine could get doubled if I don’t pay it on time. I didn’t even want to pay the fine for the traffic violation I have never committed. Finally, I decided to visit traffic police office in Nasariya 24°39'20"N 46°41'11"E. I had to face some trouble to find the building of saher cameras. Once I found that building, I went inside and explained the whole scenario to the officers.

I was referred to different officers a couple of time where I had to explain everything again and again. The traffic police officers were very cooperative there although I was thinking that they would be rude and not helpful. I asked them to show me the pictures taken by the Saher Camera for my car and they asked me to wait. They asked me to provide my Violation ID. Make sure you are carrying your Violation ID number to the traffic police. Recommended: How to Find Traffic Violation Number Online?

When they showed me pictures, I could figure out that it was not my car and they had fined me by mistake. There was one digit difference between the actual violator’s car registration number and my car registration number. They gave me a form to fill in Arabic to substantiate the dispute. The form was simple requiring general information like Iqama number, name and reason for creating the dispute. After that, I had to get it signed by the traffic officer and his manager and submit it back to them. Within two days, my traffic violation was removed from my MOI Account.

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