Sunday, December 11, 2016

Indian Citizen who shared “Haram Temple” photo embraced Islam

There is no more Holy Site for all the Muslims around the world, regardless of their sect than the Holy Kaaba. The Holy Kaaba is what we face towards every day for our five obligatory prayers. The Criminal Court of Jeddah has just now quashed a seven-year jail term and an additional 2100 lashes as punishment which had been given to an Indian man who had been convicted of blasphemy. This new move of leniency by the Criminal Court of Jeddah comes since the Indian prisoner converted to Islam, during his time in jail. The new Muslim man will, however, must pay a monetary fine of SAR 30,000. The Appeals court has also endorsed the new verdict; however, the public prosecutor was strongly objecting to this new decision. This was reported by a local daily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We covered this story when it happened. The Indian man had been arrested earlier last year from the airport as he had been trying to exit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to go home. The Indian man had been held for blasphemy since he took some pictures of the Holy Kaaba and went on to edit into things which no Muslim individual wants to discuss, hence we will just be leaving that right there. In accordance with the official reports, the Indian man had displayed an image on the social media platform Facebook. The picture showed the Holy Kaaba covered with Hindu deities. This image created a lot of havoc in several of the Indian cities last year when it initially started circulating on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  Recommended: 2,100 lashes, 7 years Jail to the Indian Arrested over Haram “Temple Photo”

The official report stated that a Saudi national had been extremely shocked by the image circulating on the social media network and promptly alerted the HAIA forced, after which a formal probe had been launched into the matter. The Indian origin expatriate man clearly admitted that the Facebook page or profile was his, however he stated in front of the authorities that he had seen a link to this photo posted on some other account, however to view this photograph, he would have to first like the link, which would then enable him to see the complete picture.

Upon liking the link, the photograph had been automatically loaded onto his personal account for all his friends and followers to see. There are several people who are totally infuriated over this move by the courts saying that anybody that insults the Holy Kaaba by sharing derogatory images of it online should not be spared, although he may have converted to Islam.

There are also those who are simply saying that this conversion of the Indian man is a farce created by him, to get out of his troubles quickly, without enduring any punishment.

Source: Arab News
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