Saturday, December 31, 2016

Jeddah residents ask authorities to use cats against increasing number of rats in the city

The quantities of rats that can be found on the streets are increasing significantly across Jeddah. The residents have called upon the concerned officials to use the example set by Britain and to fight off the rats with the help of cats. The residents of Jeddah have stated that despite there being several programs in place to tackle the issue of rats, the issue has gotten out of control. Khaled Al Harithi, who resides in the Al Aziziya Neighborhood, has stated that every single person is suffering due to these rats and other rats which can be found in our neighborhoods and our streets. He has blamed the garbage that is often seen on the streets such as dried food, bread, old furniture etc. for the substantial rise in the rat infestation of Jeddah.

Insecticides and traps which are commonly used to kill the rats have been proven to be ineffective if not completely redundant in their effort to tackle this rat crisis. Several residents have stated that this crisis needs to be issued with the help of cats who are the natural predators of the rats. The idea was originally used by Britain and has since been stated as the British ideas to tackle rats. Mohammad Al Zaaqi who resides in the Bani Malek Neighborhood has stated that the lack of poison, insecticides, and rat catchers or traps, does not help the fight or operation being conducted against these rats.

Another resident, Muaidh Al Baqmi has stated that he is totally surprised and shocked at the complete failure of the Municipality of Jeddah in effectively tackling and diffusing the rat problem. He further added that despite the numerous and regular assurance and reassurance from the concerned officials who had stated that they will be employing newer and better methods in tackling these rats and rats have not been able to do so. The main aim of this better method was to eliminate the food sources for the rats which are garbage piles or garbage dumps.

Nasser Al Mutairi, residing in Quweyza has stated that the burrows of the rats have caused cracks to appear in the walls, which in some cases have also caused walls to collapse in some of the areas. A recent study has shown that only 1 pair of rats can start mating and start up their own rat empire which contains upwards of 1000 rats. The cornice and the neighborhoods of Southern Jeddah, which includes the downtown area, are those areas that have been affected worse by the rat and rat infestation.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Humaidi, an environmental expert, has considered this widaespread of rats to be one of the major threats to human health currently around the world. He stated that the rat infestation is also spreading within each neighborhood as well as along the cornice. The spokesman for the Municipality of Jeddah, Mohammad Al Baqmi has stated that the effort to fight of rats and rats is not stopping and is underway as we speak. He added that a new initiative which carried a budget of SAR 60 million has also been launched in a grand move to stop the infestation in its tracks.

Source: Arab News

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