Sunday, December 11, 2016

Riyadh Hospital Appreciated its Nurses by celebrating a week program

The Al Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal Hospital, in Riyadh, had opened back in 2012 with aims to promote community service and health by providing high quality and safe health care while also keeping up with the latest progress in technology, science, and medicine. Located in the southern region of Riyadh, the hospital held celebrations upon completing three years of operation for the International Week Program. The program had been themed as “Nurses: A force for change: Improving the Health Systems’ Resilience.” Nurses, who are doing a service to humanity, are doing so after making many sacrifices.

All around the world, the nurses should be remembered for what they do best, and that is to save lives. These nurses bear most of the hardships of the profession; they are present day and night in the hospital despite being constantly yelled at. They stand firm with patience and that is something which should be rewarded as well as appreciated. Though nurses are on duty around the clock, doctors come in, do their job and leave, and trust me, no doctor would be able to perform if the nurses do not keep everything in order. This is exactly the reason as to why the Al Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal Hospital is holding this day in recognition of the services of nurses to humanity. This has been organized by a Nurse Educator, Ms. Frencel Hannah Doton, for the last three years, with some help from the nursing office. The organizers were also able to launch the first ever sports festival, which was aimed at promoting creativity, camaraderie, inspiration and motivation to do their work as well as foster a team spirit.

The sporting events consisted of badminton, throw ball, Miss Imam 2016 beauty pageant, debate, quiz bee and a poster making contest. With the help of the assistant director of the hospital, Dr. Majed Abdulhadi Al Magrabi, as well as the program head and in charge of patient education, Ms. Saliha Mohammad Al Naami, the awarding ceremony for the sports competition had been held. In the ceremony, awards were given to the Best Area for the Year of 2016 to the Female surgery ward and the award for the Best Nurse of 2016. Ms. Lovely Campena (from the Female Surgery Ward) along with Ms. Jestin Ann Thomas (from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) were the respective recipients of the awards.

The poster making champion emerged from the Emergency Department, and the highlight of the entire program, the Food preparation competition was clearly won by the Department of Labor / Delivery. All competitors for the competition had been judged by esteemed visitors from the Ministry of Health, which then concluded the winners upon their observation.

It is extremely delightful and positive to hear of such news. What is most heartwarming is that the institution itself is truly concerned about the staff and the more of the workers. The institution also appreciates the hard work done by the nurse’s day and night which is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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