Monday, December 5, 2016

Saudia Flight SV 891 made emergency landing as pilot got sick

A pilot’s job is to get the travelers to their target as safely and soundly as possible. Smooth landings are one of the ways pilots reveal their talent and grace, and it’s something all of them struggle for. An urgent landing is a landing done by an aircraft in reaction to an emergency which gets in the way with the process of the aircraft or due to some health emergency requiring distraction to the nearby airport. The landing in which the airplane is required to land urgently due to technical troubles is known as Forced Landing.

Whenever I travel, I am mostly scared during the take-offs and landings of the aircraft. I don’t know why but both the times I pray constantly for a safe take off and safe landing because usually, I have heard on news channels about emergency landings or tires bursting or such similar mishaps.  A similar incident happened a few days back but this was not due to tires bursting or something dangerous. A Saudi jet aircraft made an unprepared landing in Pakistan. As shown in the report, the incident occurred on Dec 01, 2016. The emergency landing was because its captain faced health problems on a journey and was about to faint during its flight from India to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The news also said that the Pilot called for his supporter to take charge over the Airbus A330 because he suffered from a health issue.  The co-pilot immediately planned for an emergency landing in Karachi, Pakistan, where a medical doctor could check his colleague’s health condition and help him out for his problem before it’s too late. The discussion or the health issue is not highlighted anywhere but it’s just said that the co-pilot landed the airplane, and the head pilot was medically assessed by the health team who was present beforehand. The physician shifted him to a hospital for the compulsory treatment.

This flight, SV891, took off from Lucknow, India, to take passengers to Jeddah. After the plane took off from Lucknow, about two and a half hours later the head pilot suffered health troubles. After this incident, a Saudi plane left Jeddah at 9 p.m. on Thursday to bring back the stuck travelers from Karachi to the Kingdom.

One of the officials also said that an alternate pilot, co-pilot and cabin squad was on board, who were supposed to take off the original airplane to bring it back to Jeddah without travelers. A planned landing is precautionary landing at a place about which information is inadequate, from unexpected changes during the flight, or from irregular or even urgent situations. This one was a precautionary landing to save the pilot and a wise decision made by the co-pilot.

Source: Saudi Gazette
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