Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Plazas around the Haram, Makkah divided into 6 zones

The plazas which are located around the Grand Mosque in the city of Makkah, have now been divided into six zones. This new move has been taken to manage the inflow of the pilgrims as well as visitors who make their way over to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia more efficiently. The director of the department of Plazas at the Presidency of Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Tariq Al Malki, spoke to the Arabic Makkah Daily on Monday and stated that the six new zones that have been created will be manned by a staff of 200 part-time and permanent supervisors.

  1. The area to the north of the King Abdullah Expansion Project has been marked as the first zone in these six new created zones.
  2. The area that is located between Al Marwa and the Ali Gate has now been marked as the second zone.
  3. The area located in between the gate number 88 and the Ajyad entrance has been marked as the third zone.
  4. The area located between Dar Al Tawheed and Al Shabakiyyah has been marked as the fourth zone.
  5. The area between Dar Al Tawheed and the King Fahd Gate is the fifth new zone which has been created.
  6. The space between the walkway number 87 and the King Fahd Gate is the sixth and final zone which has been created.

Director Al Malki also stated to the media that there are special passages which will be prepared to better facilitate the entry and exit of the visitors and pilgrims to the Grand Mosque. The passages of Al Fath Gate and Al Raqooba have now been specially prepared to allow for the movement of visitors and pilgrims who are coming into the Grand Mosque from the northeastern side or the northeastern gates. Director Al Malki also added that the department of Plazas will be organizing the iftar (the breaking of the fast) and will also be granting permits to various charity organizations that are wishing to offer iftar to the locals, pilgrims and visitors.

He further stated that the department of Plazas will be thoroughly checking all iftar meals and will also be completely cooperating with the law enforcement and security authorities to completely prevent any squatters along the walkways and passages, which might in turn create a problem for the movement of the many pilgrims and visitors making their way to the Holy Mosque. Al Malki also added that any beggar or street vendor will be prohibited from reaching any place near the plazas.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of pilgrims all year around due to it being home to the Two Most Holy sites of Islam. Saudi Arabia is also the home of the religion of Islam as we know it today, as the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) started to preach Islam in the lands of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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