Saturday, January 7, 2017

Celebratory Gunfire turns weddings into Funerals in Saudi Arabia

The age long phenomenon of shooting guns at weddings and other ceremonies has become an incredibly dangerous practice and has unfortunately become a sort of custom that is associated with the weddings as well as receiving guests. The journalists and officials have laid great stress upon the need to promptly address this rising and prevalent phenomenon of celebratory gunfire during the weddings, and how necessary it is for the entire community to work together and get involved in stopping this mindless practice where some people shoot their guns for fun, to welcome the guests at a wedding ceremony or to celebrate the happiness of the groom at the venue of the ceremony.

This phenomenon is not a new one and is widespread in most regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as several other developed and developing countries around the world. it has become a threat to everybody since those people who are carrying these weapons are extremely young and do not realize how serious their behavior is. The Ministry of Interior has confirmed that they have limited the wedding facility owners and have banned the act of shooting at weddings, and whomsoever may be involved in this act during the weddings will be referred to in an investigation and prosecution body. However, despite such measures these acts have not stopped, which have caused numerous wedding ceremonies to be converted into funerals.

Nawaz Al Anzi, a social worker in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has pointed out that the phenomenon at shooting at weddings has widened greatly with an increase in general exposure and knowledge of the people. She stated that it has become a common behavior which is copied or followed by several of the “good” members of the community to express their joy as well. People did not take this act seriously and continued with it, despite numerous warnings and legal ramifications until the phenomenon caused serious injuries as well as deaths.

A specialist in criminal legal cases and a lawyer, Dr. Ibrahim Al Abadi has stressed that the open use of high-grade weapons at any wedding event or ceremony is in clear violation of the Weapons and Ammunition Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The perpetrator of such crimes is to be punished by imprisonment or a fine, or even both penalties in some of the cases. The key figures in society have pointed out to the need to involve the Haia force or the Committee for Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in the follow-up or referral to cases of such a nature. There is also an immense need of involving the preachers of the mosque to talk about the immense damage that is caused by this insane act of violence.

Others have also put forward the idea of employing several observers at a marriage event or ceremony, who will be tasked with preventing such practices from occurring at all, by reporting all shooting activity to the authorities immediately.

Source: Arab News

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