Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mariam Saleh bin Laden: A Saudi Doctor who treats Syrian Refugees for Free

Saudi doctor, Mariam Saleh bin Laden, is one of the most prestigious and leading women who has been playing a vital role in the advocacy for the Syrian refugee children who are daily affected by the ongoing war in Syria. According to the estimation of UNICEF, there are about 8.4 million Syrian children affected in Syria, who became refugees and around seven million children in Syria who are under the line of poverty. Mariam opened the first dental treatment facility in the Syrian refugee camp located in Jordan which is free of cost. The camp is known as Azraq camp which is built basically for the refugees of Syria located near Azraq, Jordan. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), control and manage in collaboration with the Government of Jordan.

Mariam Saleh bin Laden also was known as a great humanitarian, philanthropist and a social activist, is promoting human welfare with the help of social reforms. Mariam Saleh bin Laden combined all her humanitarian work with her most favorite hobby of swimming. This year, Mariam Saleh made two records as she was the first woman to swim the British River Thames which covered about 101 miles in 10 days. She also covered the English Channel swimming at 21 miles which is about 34 kilometers. Mariam stated her biography in an Interview that she was brought up in Jeddah with strong values of harmony and mutual support. This also is one of the main causes which made her passionate towards humanitarian work. Mariam highlighted that this victory was just the beginning point in achieving her aim in helping and supporting the Syrian refugees.

She considers this triumph a positive step to move forward in the journey of humanitarian work. Mariam also quoted that this is the initial step and symbol of dedication and inspiration which will take strength throughout her life. Titleholder of the German Board of Dentistry, Mariam Saleh bin Laden pointed the special dental Medical Center by saying that this is the appraising, appreciable and important effort for Syrian refugees. The Medical Center will provide free medical services to a large proportion of refugees who lost everything and have nothing to lose anymore.

Mariam while doing efforts to promote and increase awareness for the young refugee orphans faces hardships and burdens. She is making every possible effort by considering all possible steps for the rehabilitation of these war-affected Syrian children who are facing and fighting with the critical ongoing situations which made them orphans. Several funds raised by the swimming activity of Mariam is directly submitted to UNHCR.

Through the platform of Saudi-Arab television news channel, Mariam Salah bin Laden made a request publicly to come up and participate as much we can in the campaign for humanitarian cause by visiting her official website This social campaign for humanitarian cause will be conducted with the coordination of the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  We have best wishes for Mariam.

Source: Al Arabiya

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