Monday, January 9, 2017

Moaza al Matrooshi becomes first woman to delivery baby with Ovary Frozen in the Childhood

In modern years, doctors and professionals throughout the world have been attempting to create a successful operation for transferring ovarian tissue or entire ovaries into infertile women, to help such ladies get pregnant. The great news is that doctors have partly succeeded in helping previously infertile ladies to give birth to normal babies, though the practice remains new and require more improvements. A few years back, the first baby was born to a Belgian woman who had received a transplant of ovarian tissue. The mother, who was from Belgium, had turned infertile after getting treatment for cancer.

Doctors removed one of her ovaries and froze it. After her treatment was finished and she was provided the all-clear sign, doctors inserted her frozen ovary back into her body. After a few months, she started bleeding again like normal and, ultimately, naturally conceived. In London, Moaza al Matrooshi, a 24-year-old has given birth to a normal kid. It was when the surgeons returned her fertility by implanting her ovarian tissue which was frozen in her childhood. She was very young to have the tissue saved for future use for a pregnancy.  On Tuesday, BBC stated that she delivered a baby at the private Portland Hospital in London.

She was by birth born with a blood disorder that decreases the making of hemoglobin and can be deadly. The disease is recognized as beta thalassemia. But at the age of nine (before puberty), doctors removed her right ovary because it was getting damage due to chemotherapy (treatment of cancer). Doctors kept her tissue in frozen form at the University of Leeds where the operation was done. The university of Leeds said that she received cancer treatment and bone marrow transplant as well in London at Great Ormond Street to treat her blood disorder.

After re-implanting her ovary, her hormones came back to usual and her periods became regular. Doctors gave her treatment of IVF with her husband Ahmed; to get better chances of pregnancy, which permitted doctors to embed two embryos into her uterus. The doctors said that her fertility was returned after the preserved tissue was shifted previous year. The lady, Al Matrooshi, said that it is a miracle for them. They have been waiting for so long for a healthy child.

On Wednesday doctors said that Al Matrooshi is the first one to have her tissue saved before she arrived at her puberty. Helen Picton, Dean of the Reproduction and Early Development department, who approved the freezing, said that it is the first time that the practice has shown positive results in a pre-pubertal girl and it is a happy moment that this woman had her child. Adam Balen, Head of the Fertility Society, said that this is an amazing step for fertility protection. This will make it possible to help several people who go through cancer treatment to save their fruitfulness for future and have a happy healthy baby.

Source: Arab News

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