Sunday, January 8, 2017

Procedure to get On-Arrival Visa of Jordan by Road for Saudi Residents

I wanted to visit Jordan from a long time but didn’t know how to proceed to get on arrival visa of Jordan at the border. One of our readers Mr. Axad Khan has shared his experience of getting on arrival visa at the Jordan Airport. I appreciate him for doing so as it will help thousands of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. Procedure to get On-Arrival Visa of Jordan at Border for Saudi Residents is very simple as you can read below. You just need your passport to get this visa.

Axad Khan: First, I appreciate your hard work. I always check your website regarding different issues in Saudi Arabia. If you go to the border of Jordan, you can easily get on arrival visa of Jordan. I think it is for all the residents of Saudi Arabia irrespective of the country they belong to. They don’t even check Iqamas at the border to grant on arrival visa at the Jordan border.

  • The on-arrival visa of Jordan at the border is free of cost. I think it is free for everyone irrespective of the country you belong to.
  • I went to Jordon through Al Haql by my own car. When you reach the border, there is a petrol pump just 2 mins before the border. Make sure you fill your car from there. Petrol in Jordon is 3 times expensive than Saudi Arabia.
  • Just before Saudi border you can see Jordon taxis taking you to Jordon. You can hop in to them or use your own car. You must pay JD 53 (SR 318) if you opt to take your car to the other side of the border.
  • After exiting Saudi Border/Stamping Exit, go to Jordon side. Just give your passport and in 2 mins they will give you the passport with Jordon Visa. Then go to Jordon Immigration and they will stamp Entry.
  • Once Entry is done, you will find currency exchange counter on the right side. You can exchange your Saudi Riyals into Jordanian Dinars from there. 6 SR = 1 JD
  • The next counter is car insurance; you need to insure your car for one month for JD 33 and you will also have to pay road tax amounting to JD 20.
  • Once tour in Jordon is finished, come back to the same border. Pay exit Tax fee of JD 10 per person and immigration will stamp exit on your passport. Then go to Saudi side, they will scan your car to ensure that you are not bringing anything bad to the country. Once scanning is done they will issue a paper to take to the Immigration and they will stamp entry on your passport.
  • Places to Visit: Aqaba is the best place which is 30 Km away from Saudi border, next is Petra which is 150 KM away. Petra Tourism ticket is around 100 JDs. Around 100 KM from PETRA is the capital AMMAN. The Dead sea is next to AMMAN.

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