Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Erada Al-Harthy: A Saudi Daughter and Artist who overcame disability

Erada Al-Harthy was born with a disability in 2010. She suffers from abnormalities in her lower and upper limbs. At present, she is living in Makkah at the Disabled Children Society (DCS) and learning basics in first grade. The art teacher recognized her hidden talent. She was the one to notice her at art education classes and was surprised when she saw Erada making a beautiful picture with a pencil in class.  Despite being a disabled child suffering from abnormalities, she did not dishearten or give up. In fact, she became stronger with each passing day. Her dream is to become a plastic artist because she is expert in arts. She is confident with her positive attitude towards her goals which is just because of her mother.

Her mother has always encouraged Erada to paint with a brush since childhood. The art education classes have helped her in polishing and sharpen her artistic skills. Now she can paint with a brush, sponge, and fingers. Erada involved herself in many arts programs like in 2016 she took part in the Special Arts Programs for Disabled Children and in competition, she made a drawing, which she named “I am the World”. She participated in another competition and made a postcard. The World Disability Day 2016 symbol was drawn by Erada. Erada’s teacher at the art education, Rana Sideeq, explained that she has a lovely character and a positive attitude towards her goals. She is a girl with beautiful face. She is a brilliant student as well as a talented artist. Her vision is to become a well-known artist. All her paintings were selected for different art programs.

She is suffering from hand and leg abnormalities but it doesn’t come in her way. Her disability is a heritable infection which is common in her family and relatives as said by Nadia Mustafa, the head of physical therapy section at DCS. She is normal like any other child and can naturally sit, talk, hear and see. Her mental skills are outstanding. Her orthopedic surgeon did not recommend any surgical involvement after scanning her but the surgeon said she needs prosthetic limbs after the age of six years. 

A prosthetic limb is an artificial device that replaces a missing body part, which may be lost due to any disease, infection or inborn situation. An upper prosthetic limb is a fake limb that replaces an arm missing below the elbow. And a lower prosthetic limb is a fake limb that replaces a leg missing above the knee.  Her mother helps her in changing clothes and takes her to the bathroom.

She can touch, eat and hold things but cannot finely grip like other children. Her mother was stunned when Erada was born with abnormalities. But, DCS teachers teach her mother how to help her child. Her parents are proud of her and are thankful to DCS. She was shy and loved to spend time alone initially but now her condition had improved amazingly.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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