Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SR 150 Fine for not keeping Fahas (MVPI) document in the car

All of us know that Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where the rate of traffic accidents is very high. According to a report published on Arab News, around 20 people die every day on the roads in Saudi Arabia due to traffic accidents. Saudi Traffic Police has been taking active measures to counter these issues and because of that, Saher Cameras have been installed on all main streets and highways to control drivers from over speeding and violating traffic signal rules. A few days ago, the fine for crossing red light has also been increased to SR 3,000. Recommended: 4 Important Rules to avoid Traffic Violations at Traffic Signals in Saudi Arabia

We hear about approval or implementation of a new rule in Saudi Arabia every second week. We know that in previous few months, Saudi government has imposed strict fines for violating traffic rules. On one hand, Saudi traffic police has been bringing in new rules to counter traffic violators and on the other side, they are making sure that the current rules are implemented at its full. In continuity of this effort, now Saudi Traffic Police have started imposing fine for those who don’t keep their Fahas or MVPI document with them in the car.

Fahas is the Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection Test and you need to renew this certificate every year. In case you are not able to renew this certificate, it bars you from driving on the road. It is a violation to the traffic rules to drive your vehicle without having MVPI or Fahas Certificate. One of our readers shared his story with us. His father was coming back from Madina to Jeddah. While crossing the Jeddah check post, the traffic police asked him to show his Iqama, driving license, vehicle registration and Fahas document.

He could produce all the documents but Fahas document or Motor Vehicle Inspection Certificate. Our reader claims that the sticker of renewed Fahas was already on the wind screen but traffic police officer refused to accept it. He asked for the original Fahas or MVPI certificate and since his father didn’t have it, he was fined with SR 150.

There is a lesson in this story for all of us to keep our documentation updated to avoid this kind of incidents. It is important to mention here that this is a manual fine which takes some time to appear in the MOI system. We have already written an article on this subject which can help you out. Recommended: How long it takes to get violation SMS after the Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia?

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