Saturday, February 18, 2017

SR 300 to SR 500 fines for decorating vehicles on National Day

The National day of Saudi Arabia is celebrated on 23rd September every year. It is locally recognized as Al-Yaom-ul-Watany, when King Abdul Aziz declared the unification of the state as a Kingdom. If the National Day falls on Saturday, Sunday is supposed to be a local holiday as compensation. If it falls on a Friday, Thursday before will be a holiday. If National day holiday falls with other holidays, then there will be no extra holiday for compensation. On Wednesday, Makkah newspaper reported that the Traffic Department in Riyadh has declared that it will punish motorists for decorating, beautifying or making any modifications to their automobiles in celebration of the National Day.

The source said that the guidelines for car decorations have been issued. The department warned the locals as well as non-Saudis that it is banned to change the paint of their automobiles, add loud accessories, unclear license plates and wrap the windscreen or side windows with a poster of the King.  No one can drive a car with more than the allowed number of people. Travelers are not allowed to stick any body part out of the car’s window or sunroof. Spray paint on others is strictly not allowed and drivers are not allowed to stop on the road, bus or taxi stands or in the middle of the road. The source also said that if anyone disobeys these rules and regulations, the vehicle will be taken away from them, the driver’s license/ permit card canceled, a penalty of least SR300 and maximum SR500. Negative points will also be added to the record of vehicle holder.

Any changes and variations to a vehicle need authorization. Anyone changing the vehicle for the National Day without consent is disobedience. Variation to a vehicle includes the front, ceiling, trunk, doors and windows of a vehicle, stated by the source. The Traffic Department affirmed that there will be no leniency in charging the fines. There will be inspectors observing the road on the National Day. Gathering of motorists on specific spots and jamming the road is not allowed. Any blockage or difficulty to traffic routes has measured a violation, and those who caught up will be charged.

According to the source, the department stated that local public is our supporter and we work for their safety and protection. But we need their help and support as well. The local public can support the police by calling the Traffic Department to report a violation or inform them through the mobile app of the department. The rules and regulations are equal for all the people in the Kingdom and police said that they are on their duty.

Their cars will be on the roads 24 hours a day. There are no explanations for National Day, rules are rules. Everyone should respect each other that no one will do anything which is banned and against other people or the rules. Everyone should be happy and safe in the country on National Day.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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