Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to Cap D Agde’s, a City where wearing clothes is prohibited

We were all born naked; however, nobody is naked publicly after that. For a payment of only 8 EUROS you can just walk through the pedestrian gate at the Cap D Agde’s world renowned naturist resort which is located in the south of France. What next? You will be faced with a huge forecourt. You will need to decide where to change; there will be lockers near the gate. That is where you will change, if you feel weird just dropping your clothes just do as the naturists do, and become one with nature. You will however, need a lot of sun lotion.

Those wanting to visit this area must go through an unforgiving entry procedure, which is unique in its own sense. However, after the entry, is something that is even more unique; an entire functioning town with almost entire naked citizenry that amounts to around 40,000 people in the summer months.  Those in the city go about their normal routines and daily lives inside the naked city without paying any attention to the fact that nearly all the people, including themselves are naked. Since the early 1990s the Cap d’Agde has gained a reputation of being a meat market. The libertines and swingers from around Europe frequently come here to participate in a sort of Sexual Social Democracy, as stated by Michel Houellebecq in his book Atomised.

Every component of any ordinary city is available in the naked city too; normal facilities include several supermarkets, grocery stores, a bank, a post office, clothes boutiques, hairdressers, opticians and fishmongers. These are all included in the concrete arcades in the city. Throughout the establishments, there will be staff who will be clothed due to a formality, and they will cater to all the naked guests to the city, remaining unhinged that all the customers are naked.

There is no other competitor or equivalent to the Naked city anywhere around the world. Though there are other naturist resorts located around the world, they are only Arcadian retreats from the hustle and bustle of city life. Just last year Munich created six new Urban Naked Zones, however they are in a secluded parkland. In 2012, the skin friendly city of San Francisco banned public nudity, especially in the sanctioned public events.

The Cap d’Agde naturist retreat has been urban since inception. A tiny nudist campsite used to exist there since 1958, however by the mid 60’s there were six branch new seaside resorts created in the area, which are all a day’s boat ride apart. A particular requirement of the naturist visitors was maximum exposure to the elements. Those who visit the naked city do so because maximum exposure to the elements is what was delivered to them. Nothing in the city is taller than four storey’s, hence there are literally no shadows in the city to hide from the relentless sun blazing down on the naked skin.

Source: The Guardian

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