Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why this Egyptian lady Iman Ahmad Abdulati weighs 500 KG?

An Egyptian lady, Alexandria resident named Iman Ahmad Abdulati, is a 36-year-old, considered to be the fattest woman alive. Her weight reached 500 kg and she has not gone out of her house from 25 years. She cannot move from her bed or even turn around because of her gigantic size. Until now, she has not found any treatment in the home country’s hospitals for her problem. She is totally dependent on her mother and sister, Chaymaa’ Ahmad Abdulati, to help her in doing daily household tasks like eating, changing clothes, cleaning and easing herself. Chaymaa, Iman’s sister, talked to us about her sister’s pain. Chaymaa told about her family that their family was made of their mother and her two daughters, the woman’s father had expired.

Alternately, she and her mother take care of Iman to assist her in eating, to spend time with her, to take her to the relaxing room since she is depended on and cannot move or go to the bathroom herself. When she was born she could not move as normal babies do, at the start Iman used to get around using her hands. By the age of 11, she was too heavy to stand on her feet and support her weight and started to crawl around the house on her knees. Iman’s weight disallowed her from continuing her studies. After she dropped out of the elementary school; she had a cerebral stroke which left her restricted to bed. Since then her condition got worst at the age of 11 when she put on too much weight and could do nothing but rest on her back.

Staying in her room all the time and totally unable to move did worse to her. Chaymaa’ explained that Iman was born weighing a shocking weight of 5 kilograms. Her problem became visible at her birth. She was diagnosed with elephantiasis. This disease is characterized by unpleasant swelling of a part of the body, especially the limbs. Other parts are also usually affected including the external genitals. When there is any blockage in the lymphatic system, Elephantiasis is caused which results in the growth of fluid called lymph in the affected parts. 

The lymphatic system is a part of immune system, which helps to shelter the body against virus and diseases. It consists of a complex of tubular channels (lymph vessels) that depletes a thin watery liquid known as lymph from different parts of the body into the bloodstream. Blockage or any damage to these vessels ends up in the gigantic swelling and unpleasant swelling of a part of the body. Physicians have also explained Iman's situation as a disturbance of the glands which means her body keeps hold of a large amount of water and retains more water than it should which results in excess weight.  

Now her weight reached 500 kilograms, her family has registered a worried and serious online appeal to Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi requesting for medical help. Her family has a fear that she may expire without serious health treatment at Maadi Military Hospital, in the capital city of the country, Cairo. 

Update: Right now, she is In India (Mumbai) at Saify Hospital. Hospital is giving her free treatment for her weight loss and created a Special Room for her where she will be under treatment. She is now suffering from paralysis attacks and is embroiled in an “ugly spat” between her family and doctors, according to Indian and Egyptian media.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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