Thursday, March 30, 2017

2 Indian Workers died waiting for the overdue salary and End of Service

Two workers of a construction company, both waiting for their arrears to be cleared, both willing to leave for India and both died of heart attack in Riyadh.  What a tragic coincidence! Poonam Satyanarayana, on 11th March 2017 complained of having pain in the chest. He was then taken to one of the renowned hospitals. But according to the sources, the 47-year-old worker had taken his last breaths on his way to the hospital and thereby had already died before reaching the hospital. He belonged to Jagtial district of Telangana.  Jaswinder Singh, a 54-year-old worker belonging to Kapurthala district in Punjab also died of heart attack on 21st of February.

Both, Ponnam Satyanarayana and Jaswinder Singh were employed at a construction company in Saudi Arabia. They were to departure from the Kingdom after receiving their due payments. They were the two of many employees who were waiting to get their payments and then leave for their home country. Poonam and Jaswinder had served the company for about 23 years. They wanted to receive their pending wages and benefits that one is entitled to receive at the end of his services. According to their colleagues, they had filed a complaint in this regard in the labor court as well. Both were certainly looking forward to leaving the Kingdom: the iqamas of both were expired two years from now. Also, their passports were held by the sponsors. The two were only having documents issued by Indian embassy as only legal documents.

The document issued by Indian embassy states the reason for they were not holding their original documents. They were not the only ones looking forward to receiving their arrears. Rather many other Indians, Pakistani and Nepalese who are struggling for more than a year now to get their due wages and other payments. In mid of 2015, the situation got worse and in 2016 they ultimately were left on streets to struggle for a livelihood. It got difficult to meet the both ends for these workers as they had been deprived of their wages for above a year.

It was as late as September 2016, when the Ministry of Labor and Social Development gave the matter its due attention. The ministry provided them with a shelter near Thunamah road.  According to these workers, the ministry has been looking after them: the ministry has taken the responsibility of their food and necessities and has also has perused their case. Hopefully, these workers will be soon given their due payments as some workers have received their arrears. 

The sources claim that the process of sending dead bodies of Indians to their hometown has already been initiated. The death of these workers is indeed shocking, not only their colleagues are in a shock, but the whole Kingdom has sympathise with them.  May all the workers get their due payment and may all of them happily reunite with their families at their hometown, unlike these two unlucky fellows!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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