Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Saudi Prisoner writes the entire Holy Quran by hand in just 4 months

Philanthropists around the world are readily devoting their time for humanitarian cause. They are promoting the welfare of the society through different modes: for instance, some would donate money, while other involve in activities which would benefit the humans. Sometimes these philanthropists come with unique ideas to support people’s welfare that is amazing. These ideas are revolutionary for enhancing and nourishing quality of human life. Jotted down is a remarkable effort of a Saudi philanthropist. 

An anonymous philanthropist visited many of the prisons in the Kingdom and some of Gulf countries and motivated the prisoners to get involved in a contest. The contest was named as “By my hand, I wrote the Qur’an”. The participants were to be given three years to write the holy book, Quran, by hand. In order to evoke their interest, they had been promised a reward for it. The unidentified competition holder reveals that by means of this contest he wanted to make the prisoners memorize the Holy Quran completely. However, the inmate of Dhahban prison, Jeddah could write all the Quran in just four months. He was, in fact, able to write it all in just three months. It took him a month to punctuate all the verses and allocating numbers to them. His handwritten Quran is completely enumerated and punctuated.

It is now sent to the concerned authorities for final checking. This very winner also claims to have could learn Quran by heart through this competition. He had learned the first 20 chapters already and could learn the remaining 10 while writing them down. The winner says that the task seemed to be difficult at first, and he hesitated to become a part of it. But once he got involved in it, the task became easier. With every passing day, it became easier for him to jot down every single verse. This is indeed a great effort by the unknown humanity lover.

When a crime has taken place, punishment is important. It is a penalty for that certain crime. But to ensure that the person does not get involve in further crimes, it is important to nourish their minds with positive thoughts. It is important to teach them to be good human beings, to benefit the society rather than causing the harm.  It is important to look after the criminals in prison so that when they come out they become good human beings rather than being more dangerous criminals.

The time spent in prison shall be availed for their reconciliation rather than providing them with the opportunity to plan bigger crimes. And giving them this opportunity to go through every verse, to strengthen their faith is the best idea. The person closer to God is a person farther away from crimes. A person having strong faith is a person beneficial for a society. Islam is a religion of peace; Quran will surely help them to be peace lovers.       

Source: Saudi Gazette

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