Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Isaac Bannour walks from France to Makkah, 7,250Km, 17 countries, in 6 months

Different individuals have different hobbies. Some like to collect coins and postcards while other find pleasure in traveling or reading. People do have different modes of having pleasure. But sometimes, people go far beyond to gain satisfaction. And one such person is Isaac Bannour.  Isaac Bannour is a Spanish man, whose country of origin is Algeria.  Bannour had travel a lot of countries but wasn’t satisfied. According to him, it was not admissible for him to have visited so many countries and not Makkah. He wanted to travel to Makkah to perform an Umrah.  But the most amazing part of the story is that this journey was on foot. 

Yes, he has traveled all the way from France to Makkah without a plane or any other vehicle. It took the passionate traveler more than six months to reach his destination. During these months, he used to walk from dawn to dusk covering almost 50 kilometers a day. The adventurer took along a wheeled cart to carry along his necessities such as food, clothes, and tent.  During his journey, he crossed 17 countries namely Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait During his expedition, Isaac Bannour also had to face hardships of weather. His constant walk kept him warm and he did not fell the cold waves yet the most difficult time he experienced was in France and Austria because of the snow.  But that did not make the traveler give up on his dream and passion.

The basic idea behind not to take any vehicle was to promote the actual and genuine teachings of Islam. Isaac is of view that people are not aware of the true essence of Islam.  While living in Europe, he observed that people are not familiar with Islamic values. In order to advocate Islam as a peaceful religion, the traveler walked from France to Makkah and named his expedition as a walk of peace. Once reaching to Makkah, he plans to perform Umrah.

After thinking hard for four years, Isaac actually underwent this difficult journey all alone. He wanted to complete the adventure with his brother Zakaria but didn’t because he might have to face visa issues as he holds an Algerian passport.  The traveler is delighted with the hospitality of the Saudis. He says that people used to invite him to stay with them and therefore while he was traveling in Saudi Arabia he slept at houses. Not only the people but also the officials had been very caring. He reported that he was even offered an ambulance, which he denied to have. 

Once done with the Umrah, the traveller is to return home. He has decided to take a plane and not to walk back home. His walk of peace will end in Makkah.  It is indeed difficult and challenging to walk for more than 6 months and covering 7,250 km. The effort to promote the peacefulness of Islam is remarkable. May Allah accept his efforts and enable Muslims to portray the real picture of Islam. (AMEEN).

Source: Gulf News

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