Thursday, March 23, 2017

Meet Dana Al Gosaibi, Saudi Arabia’s first female Horse Trainer

Saudi Arabia is indeed keen to empower women under its social and economic reforms. The females are now have been encouraged to contribute for an economic and social uplift of the Kingdom and they are proving themselves. We have women who have shown their remarkable performance in jobs which were male-oriented. The vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia tends to make the oil-based economy less vulnerable towards the oil prices by empowering its females. It is keen to enhance female workforce to 30% from current 22%. It also now focuses on opening sports avenues towards the Saudi females.

For Olympics representation, Saudi Arabia has doubled its female athletes.  Also last year it appointed its princess as a head at General Authority of Sports of women’s section. This authority looks upon women sports in Saudi Arabia. Princess Reema bint Bandar al-Saud who is a daughter of once powerful Prince Bandar bin Sultan says that soon they will be granting a license of segregated gyms for women as private gyms for women had been sealed by the authorities in 2009 and 2010.  Saudi Arabia is considered a conservative society, where women are prohibited from driving and face significant obstacles in practicing sports but the new reforms have opened avenues for women, even in sports. Women involved in sports were not encouraged, but now things are different.

Dana Al Gosaibi observes that a lot has been changed in past few years. Dana Al Gosaibi is a Saudi female horse trainer. Gosaibi had been living abroad for more than a decade and has returned to the Kingdom four years ago. Gosaibi has a passion for horses and wishes to have her own stables. The 35 years old passionate women learned her horse training skills in the United States and the Great Britain.  The trainer is very delighted to see authorities encouraging women for sports.

As she had to face many challenges at her time: the society found it hard to see an unmarried woman riding a horse. Women involved in sports were neither valued nor encouraged. But since last year’s reform Gosaibi is optimistic to experience a favorable climate to start a horse training business.  The Saudi women are becoming stronger and are having their own say. They are now taking horse training lessons, though facing difficulties because of pre-setting social norms. The female horse trainer who keeps two horses at Red Sea city of Jeddah has a very different approach to train horses: unlike using force she prefers to take time with the horse so that the animal can trust the rider.

The passionate lady believes that horses are central to Arabian culture. Females used to ride horses in Prophet’s era. Also, the nation is renowned for breeding the strong horses from which thoroughbreds are descendent.      Not only Dana Al Gosaibi observes that the Kingdom is keen to empower females in every possible field, but the world also reckons it. The united Nation Development Program (UNDP) has also praised Saudi women empowerment initiative.

Source: Gulf News

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